September 27th 1975, Record Mirror & Disc

Gonna Make You A Cover Star

This cover date was the day I turned 4 years old. The paper has had another makeover, dropping the Popswop association and merging with Disc. The last issue of Disc was August 30th, 1975. (The last Record Mirror & Popswop branded issue was May 17th, 1975). (Scans courtesy of World Radio History again.)

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September 21st 1974, Record (& Popswop) Mirror


And now I am almost three years old. Another relaunch, the (& Radio) Subtitle? Midtitle? was dropped in August and the paper left the Billboard organisation in early July moving to Spotlight Publications. Can’t imagine that went down too well with Editorial as they were housed in Carnaby Street before moving to Benwell Street into a building that seems now to be the Jamie Oliver Cookery School. Magazines as before courtesy of World Radio History.

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September 23rd 1972, Record Mirror

This is the music that would have been contemporary when I was approaching 1 year old.

Record Mirror, September 23rd 1972 Front Page
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September 25th 1971, Record Mirror

Longtime readers of the site would, well, no, there are no long term readers any more are there? I’ve bee sporadically active and the landscape has changed. RSS is out of favour, content is pushed to one site and replicated to the other five or six. Maybe you’ll see me dancing my way through this on tikety-tok in future.

So now I’m going to back to amusing myself, as if I didn’t do this in the first place. I’ve found a motherlode of old music press and charts at World Radio History, so let’s have a look at the charts in Record Mirror dated for the week of September 25th, 1971. I was born that week, have always been kind of curious about the music that was around at the time as no amount of film stock and bands on the roof would really adequately describe what was out.

Keith Moon,
Record Mirror, September 25th, 1971
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August 1991, Mixmag : The Return of the Techno Godfathers

Pagesetter ran out of Os

Continuing in the tradition of me scanning a bunch of pages from an old magazine and whacking some tunes together in the pursuit of content. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve been fully Moderna-ed and might actually post more than 4 articles this year.

From August 1991, Kraftwerk are the cover stars, not that it might be entirely obvious as the text is all over the place and someone’s been overdoing the Deluxe Paint IV on their copy of The Robots / Robotnik from 1991.


You Are Maggie Thatcher

A conversation elsewhere reminded me of Heartbreak Hotel, a short-lived “Comics Lifestyle Magazine” which attracted talents such as Trina Robbins, Steven Appleby, Dave Gibbons & Alan Moore to name a few. There wasn’t any mention of the mag on Wikipedia until about 15 minutes ago when I added it as a future rod for my back but more about that another day though. In skimming one of the issues I spotted a house ad for Titan Books, the usual fare and well, something I don’t remember.

Los Bros

I though I had struck gold with the Halo Jones ad, there’s a version in my head that I swear describes the whole thing as a 9 book saga with a Pirate Queen Halo that I’ve never found again, but I haven’t found it today. I had both of those Love & Rockets volumes as my first introduction to Hopey & Maggie and I was of the age where Hopey was a real crush. And my first Watchmen copy would have been the Titan edition due to it being slightly easier to come by (and these were probably featured in LM), but in the middle, there’s the real monster. And it’s not wearing the memories of Alec Holland.

You Are Maggie Thatcher Cover
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