The Fantastic Adventures of Adam Ant

Tops insert Promo for the Fantastic Adventures of Adam Ant
Tops Promo (inner)
Tops Promo (back)

The Fantastic Adventures of Adam Ant was a comic strip appearing in Tops (later TV Tops) magazine, published by DC Thomson as a rival to Look-In Magazine. I’ve been trying to find scans of this for some time, it’s not been easy to track down but I’ve gathered bits and pieces so it’s probably time to try and assemble it all in one place. The story is barely coherent (even less so when I’ve only been able to source one page of an issue) but the core theme appears to be a Quantum Leap-ish time travel plot with various personas worn by Adam.

The magazine featured photos of Adam pretty much every week so this is someone’s logical conclusion to ensure constant appearances of his name at the very least. The artwork was believed to be by Maureen Gray and her husband, Gordon, at least initially. The scans presented here are a mix of Mag-a-zone content from flickr, comicvine and ebay seller images. I think I scanned a couple of these, but I can’t seem to find them for sure.

Anyway, I’ll update when I find more images. I think the strip skipped a few weeks here and there and went on hiatus between 31 & 38 but again, I can’t be sure right now.

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