September 27th 1980, Record Mirror

Another Birthday issue. I would have been 9 on this date.

You’re so special

(Full issue available at World Radio History)

Thematically appropriate to a recent post this was listed in the single reviews by Blood Donor – Doctor ?


And thanks to the kindness of a stranger at youtube, there’s audio. Albeit attached to a video of the Twelfth Doctor. Looks a bit blurry, but Matt Smith manages to look a bit out of focus any time he’s in front of a camera somehow.

And embedded here just in case it goes missing at youtube at some point.

Blood Donor – Doctor ?

Muscially, what’s the mood of the country and of the paper?

No spoilers

Hawkwind & Tygers of Pan Tang heading up the listings, Hawkwind are a perennial feature but I’ve never heard of the Tygers until today. I doubt I’m missing out, otherwise Echo & The Bunnymen & Killing Joke are encouraging to see listed. Most of the rest lost to time.

On the following page, an Our Price chart.


Our Price’s chart was a made up one iirc, we’ll see the official charts later but notable to see here are the Fame soundtrack & the Dead Kennedys, both of which would show up again in the near future. Fame leading to a mediocre TV series and DKs to controvery.


Paul would have been somewhat of a pioneer here, although a 1980s Philips would probably have been a V2000 model with little content available. Organised video rental would have been around in workplaces shortly so everyone could watch E.T. and Porkys in “recorded in a cinema o vision” at their uncles house long before a UK cinematic release. Not to mention the “adult” content which was far more explicit than was allowed in UK cinemas. You could see it going in *and* going off.

Each city/town would have had at least one video rental place such as Ritz Video, or Carvill & Arcari.


Ritz was bought out by Blockbuster in oh, 1995? Carvill & Arcari still seems to be in rude health in Renfrew somehow.

What’s the difference between Funny Foam & Silly String?

Those are some mobile disco back of the van looking turntables, can’t imagine they’re best in class audiably.

Anyway, charts:

(No more music this time, just trying to get back into the saddle of writing. And the music of this era is a bit boring.)