January 1987, LM Magazine 00

(This was originally posted in 2019, but with a crappy scanned version of the magazine. Finally got round to revisiting it properly.)

This is the preview issue of LM given away with Crash, Zzap & whatever the Amstrad one was called. Tone is a bit different from the proper issues, but it’s kind of a gateway issue.

This was the belly band wrapper which stuck the mag to it’s computer sibling at Christmas 1986.

The first issues had a neat double cover, simple block colour on the outside, actual cover inside, Superman bursting through the page quite visually striking but this idea was gone by the time issue 4 arrived.

Inside Cover

I’ve uploaded it to the Internet Archive here


edit: Between my original posting and this revision, someone has put all issues up at the Internet Archive here, so there’s not much point in my revisiting them.