Let Your Fingers Do The Raving

Remotely Queued

In 2011, it would have been a lot simpler to find a rare choon on soulseek instead of trudging around record shops looking through their landfill techno second hand white labels. (Image above coutesy of time machine me. The only thing I ever posted to b3ta, one that ultimately confused people.) But anyway, in 2022 I’m reminded of this advert and I wondered if I could find a cheap copy on discogs, and here we are.


“In the vein of house classics by Ce Ce Rogers, Phuture or Crystal Waters” says someone that’s obviously never heard those acts. Also, “Imposes a Joyful Sense of nostalgia” is a terrible choice of phrase, and that’s coming from a writer as bad as I am. Also notable, this sticker is on top of another sticker. So what terrible words were under the original sticker? Let’s find out! With technology!

Hi tech skills of taking a photo of the back and airdropping it to my Mac then flipping it in preview.

Fictional producer and fictional record label, just in case anyone cared. And as a result of this I’m now checking ebay for an album of gospel to determine if the religious label Found Records is the same Found Records this is associated with on Discogs or if there’s two religious Found Records labels and I should really stop picking at threads on the Internet.

Anyway, here’s the advert.

My Name?
Pulse and Thunder (Original mix)
Pulse and Thunder (Trance Mix)

This one is bit better, a bit Josh Wink / Hardfloor.

Let your fingers do the raving

But on remembering this, I still do wonder, why they didn’t just call him DJ R. Hartley?

There’s a breakdown on campaign about the making of the advert at campaign.

And there’s some astroturfing that was going on at discogs as coke addled advert wonks are trying to convince the audience that Day V Lately was real and this really was from 1992. Day V is played in the advert by Matthew Jure, the music was created by Sundogs.