September 29th 1973, Record and Radio Mirror

I had just turned 2 by the coverdate of this issue. I was going to use the previous week’s magazine, but this one was a soft relaunch of the paper so looks a bit more interesting.

Record (and Radio) Mirror

The main impact of this relaunch is the inclusion of Radio into the title. FWIW, it would be quite some time before Radio 1 was broadcasting 24 hours a day (18 years later) as demanded by participants of the survey but some of the other BBC Channels were earlier; Radio 2 I believe started broadcasting through the night in 1978. This seems to have been around the time of the pirate radio stations stealing R1’s audience so I assume it is the target of this ire.

UK Charts for this week are below, although looks like someone fell into the typesetter as there are some duplicate entries and a couple of items missing.

17, 18 & 27 missing.

(The missing entries are 17. Status Quo – Caroline, 18. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Ooh Baby & 27. Carpenters – Yesterday Once More according to the following week’s issue.) Below are two tracks that I can’t seem to find on spotify, the first Michael Ward – Let There Be Peace On Earth doesn’t come as a surprise but I would have expected the second, Stealers Wheel to be there. And fwiw, the single version is supposedly different from the album version which is more common on streaming platforms.

Michael Ward – Let There Be Peace On Earth
Interview with Michael Ward from Record & Radio Mirror, 13th October 1973

Michael went on to a life as a Cabaret singer performing as Michael Sayzer and seems to still be gigging if this site is to be believed. There seems to be a facebook site as well, but fuck facebook.

Top 50 UK Charts, September 29th 1973 (almost)

Simo Park Orchestra – Eye Level better known as the theme from Van Der Valk. James Hamilton has some advice for those budding Disc Jockey out there:

REAL music.
Manuel & the Music of the Mountains – Celebration

And here’s the US Top 50

Top 50 US Chart, September 29th 1973
Top 50 US Charts, September 29th 1973

And to finish, part of the Radio Waves pages with results from the radio poll, and a little bit of Kenny Everett news. This page is truncated because there’s a photo of Savile on it.


I must admit ignorance here as I either forgot about or never heard of Radio Northsea International, which tops the listeners poll here, but it didn’t last in this incarnation for much longer. I do urge you to read the wiki article though, if only for the names of the presenters. Spangles Muldoon is my favourite so far.

I hope you like jamming (radio) too.