September 23rd 1972, Record Mirror

This is the music that would have been contemporary when I was approaching 1 year old.

Record Mirror, September 23rd 1972 Front Page

As previous, scans come courtesy of World Radio History, and this is Record Mirror from September 23rd, 1972. I don’t know why this extracted png looks so lurid, I’m assuming it’s a colour calibration thing on my side. Anyway.

UK Top 50, 23rd September 1972
UK Top 50, September 23rd 1972

Missing two tracks somehow, these are Parchment – Light Up The Fire & The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Band – Heykens Serenade. The Parchment track is kind of Christian Light Rock, and is presented here for completion sake. It isn’t good though.

Still, not the most offensive thing in this chart. That would be Gary Glitterl.
Not the second serenade according to a yt commenter.
US Top 50, September 23rd 1972
US Top 50, September 23rd 1972

Elsewhere in the paper, there’s this.


“When it comes to intimate hygiene washing with soap and water is very important. But to he really sure use Femfresh, too. It’s specially formulated for the most sensitive part of you, the vaginal area.

Gently, softly, reassuringly, Femfresh Intimate Deodorant refreshes and helps to protect you all day. Three lovely fresh perfumes, one with a matching Underarm Deodorant, and handy tissues make your protection and your confidence complete.

That’s why Femfresh is just as important as soap and water in your daily routine.”

I imagine a full page advert was not cheap, so assume the audience for Record Mirror at the time was skewed femininely. I have sprayed cheap deodorant towards my general genital area with the likes of Lynx and suffered from stinging sprays but as one born male, at least it’s all outside. I can’t imagine, well, just. Well. Fuck.

I wish I was a baller.
Loon Pants.

Hey, it’s the Jackson 5 page!

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