August 1991, Mixmag : The Return of the Techno Godfathers

Pagesetter ran out of Os

Continuing in the tradition of me scanning a bunch of pages from an old magazine and whacking some tunes together in the pursuit of content. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve been fully Moderna-ed and might actually post more than 4 articles this year.

From August 1991, Kraftwerk are the cover stars, not that it might be entirely obvious as the text is all over the place and someone’s been overdoing the Deluxe Paint IV on their copy of The Robots / Robotnik from 1991.

Clubscene countdown thing, the subby was a hotbox, a fire hazard and a heck of a night out. Here’s what seems to be a Saturday night set from Orde Meikle which would have been around the time this magazine was on sale.

Orde @ Atlantis
I love you more than I hate war.

House ad from Sony, as is usual. Not sure quite how Slow Bongo Floyd ended up with Sony but I think their chequebook was kind of elastic trying to pick up the next big thing at the time. More Than Jesus had an Irresistible Force remix at the time, found here in an Instrumental incarnation.


Most of the other stuff on that page, not good. That Off-shore track especially is questionable, but it’s German Dance-Pool stuff which seemed, uh, a bit coke fuelled. I Can’t Take The Power is a banger, but this, it’s Yacht Techno mate.

This is pretty good though, Go Bang had some great stuff. And although I’m straying from the original subject, this seems to have Tour De France pants in it at least. Produced and arranged by Rutti Kroese, remixer of the Dutch House version of Dan Hartman’s Love Sensation. It’s on Warehouse Raves 1. Check out my youtube. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Animal Magic.

Saw K-Klass supporting 808 State at the Barras, Wildlife knocked the roof off the place. We knew it only as the theme to Wildtrack but it’s John Barry’s Florida Fantasy from the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack. Rhythm is a Mystery went on to bother the charts and the band stuck around.

RIP Johnny Morris.
Es ist ein bisschen komische zu mir. Worter kommt nur aus Ralf und nicht Florian.

Anyway, Kraftwerk played at the Glasgow Barrowlands in July 1991, again, about the time of this magazine hitting the shelves. Me in July 1991 was probably about my peak fun times tbh. Guessing this interview also appeared in iD.

Seal of Approval.

Boom & Feel It should be familiar with anyone reading, Feedback Max were of course the Thompson Twins. No-one suspecting them of subterfuge at this point with their first track, the B-Side is great and more of that later. The Whistle Song needs no further discussion, you know that one, Templehead a big favourite in this place. The Orgasm is kind of an embarrassment though.

I Wanna Kiss Myself. House Feelings was the B-Side, everyone knows the main though. Laughing at 2 Unlimited described seriously here, but we didn’t know.

Surprising childhood memory.

On the underground tip, of which now three of those tracks would define a generation.

45p a minute. Poppers were about the same value for money tbh.

Sasha’s Mother In Law Sets at The Wheeltappers & Shelleys were legendary.

I’d like to meet anyone, anywhere.

Back cover, I used to hang out and bother the staff at 23rd, Tower & Stereo One. Guess most of these stores are long gone. Inner Sleeve in Tamforth notable as there doesn’t seem to be a Tamforth in Scotland. There’s a Tamworth in Staffordshire, guess that’s almost Scotland. Or maybe it was some guy called Tam Forth.

FWIW, the free 12″s here all seemed to be different depending on the LP bought, Latifah offered some Ultimatum remixes whereas Richie Rich’s came with a bunch of Breakbeats.

Anyway, that’s the magazine, here’s some music picked from the various charts.