Happy 30th Birthday to Loveless by My Bloody Valentine which was released on November 11th, 1991

Loveless was released 30 years ago, not 30 years and 1 week ago.

Melody Maker boxout, with released date of November 11th, 1991.
The LP, which follows 1988’s ground-breaking ‘Isn’t Anything’, is titled ‘Loveless’ and is released on November 11.
My Bloody Valentine, Loveless, November 11 1991
Music Week releases for November 11th, 1991
Bottom Right, My Bloody Valentine – Loveless. Released officially on 11th November 1991.

The Internet in general seems to collectively accept this album was released on November 4th, the same day as Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque but I believe this is incorrect and would like to offer a counter to this date.

Music Week Album Releases, November 4th 1991 : Bottom Right – Bandwagonesque
Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque November 4th, 1991

Here is a post from the tohereknowswhen site transcribing a Melody Maker interview from November 2nd, 1991.

Smells Like November 2nd


I don’t have a copy of this edition of Melody Maker, nor do I have access to a library that would have a copy. So I wondered if there might be another source that had a date of release. As it turns out, there is a post from rec.music.misc (a usenet group), October 16th, 1991 discussing My Bloody Valentine and asking about Instrumental.


Usenet, was where we would gather to talk about, well, anything. You posted a message and it would be slowly distributed across the planet to any server that had a newsfeed that subscribed to the group you were interested in. The groups still persist, but google absorbed most of the non-binary archive years ago. I used to get music from usenet alt.binaries, tracks were encoded across multiple posts and could be downloaded and recombined into a music file if you know what you were doing. This fundamental file sharing led to the collapse of usenet as a discussion forum, but it was how file sharing developed. Then came napster, audiogalaxy, limewire et al.

Anyway, the point of mentioning usenet is this message was typed up and posted by Kaleidoscope to rec.music.misc back in 1991, and this message was distributed across the planet untouched. Kind like what blockchain promises, but it is an uneditable record of a conversation in 1991 that states My Bloody Valentine – Loveless would be released on November 11th, 1991.

And checking on the official UK charts, it seems Loveless entered the UK charts on November 17th, 1991. If it had released on the 4th, it would have charted on the 10th. First week sales were always the most important outside of mainstream, it charted at 24 then dropped to 69 before exiting the chart during it’s initial run.

So, where does the wrong date come from?

It seems to stem from this edit on discogs, where user brianvy enters the 4th November as release date.

Looking at the main UK CD release.

So the information comes from Wikipedia, and is based on a date entered on Amazon. And the Amazon date is the 5th November. He is right about UK releases being on a Monday, stock would arrive at the record shop on a Monday and it was placed on the racks at some point during the depending on the workload.

Amazon date of release for Loveless

I can’t speak to where Amazon got this release date from, or what Street Release Date means here. rec.music.misc anecdotally has people stating the album wasn’t expected for US release until 1992 from Sire, so this date is questionable imo.

Anyway, in conclusion, before you edit discogs or wikipedia to state the 4th November 1991 was the release date of Loveless I’d ask you to consider if this is true just because whoever is manning the band’s social media channels is going with what they’ve just read on facebook.