October 1989, Jocks Magazine Dance Charts


Adamski on the cover there, an indication of the slightly different direction the magazine was taking post transfer of ownership from Spotlight to Punch (Tony Blackburn column jettisoned, Tim Jeffrey as editor, Normski, Norman Cook, Paul Oakenfold & Chris Mellor as contributors). It’s now moving away from the disco into the club, so as such the content is a bit more interesting. Less about CDs of DJ jokes and quips and into smoke machines and lighting. And of course, RAVING.


Neat feature on Sheffield here, showing Parrot & Winston who would go on to further success and a great quote from Parrot that bears repeating : “Forgemasters is the first inch in a very, very deep well.”


Similar feature about “The North”, following up on Manchester & Leeds as well. Early mentions of Nightmares on Wax & Warp Records.


And some slightly more specialist charts than previously, doing away with the regionals (which really didn’t vary too much across the UK) in favour of charts from Black Market Records and Zoom instead. Today I’ve gone through these four charts and picked out a few tracks, some of which weren’t so easy to find due to misspellings and attribution errors.


Main chart is above, Ride On Time, Numero Uno, Pump Up The Jam, Sueno Latino, French Kiss, Grand Piano, Strings of Life, 3AM Eternal, Meltdown, Mantra for a State of Mind. Some of these tracks are more easily available on things like the previously covered Warehouse Raves but before this they weren’t really collected as the audience didn’t exist yet, and 12″ white labels were coveted by those lucky enough to know what they were.