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Something shorter today. I do hope you’ll excuse the odd indulgence as I’m trying to keep up momentum but don’t always have suitable content at the point of posting.

This was the first single on Heavenly Records. A collaboration between Sly & Lovechild named “The World According To…”. Remixed by the inevitable Andrew Weatherall. Have realised this was made available in a lossless version last year on Richard Sen’s This Is Chicago compilation so I’ll link to that on Spotify instead. BTW, if anyone objects to linking to Spotify please let me know but I’m beginning to find some oddities I’d like to link there instead of using my own bandwidth.

Soul Of Europe

Eh, fuck Spotify. I realise that isn’t a lossless rip, but it’ll do.

In other Spotify news, Simon Reynold’s Energy Flash is now out in an expanded edition and as part of this there is a Spotify playlist to go with it.

Hmm, that’s still there acording to the hover text.

Also of possible note, and perhaps posted previously : Big Hard Excellent Fish – The Imperfect List is surprisingly up on Spotify. In all of the Rimming Elvis The Andrew Weatherhall (sic) Way versions.

Part 1
Where were you?

And moving to pretty much the entire opposite side of the spectrum, Sunn O))) have put their back catalogue up on Bandcamp for streaming/purchasing. Just in case you needed your ears deeply cleaned out.