This has been on my todo list for a while, but I always had some problems finding the right version of the disc. My discogs adventures would inevitably turn up the wrong version, which was an easy mistake to make as I didn’t know how to tell one version from the other until a wonderful soul noticed a difference on the runout groove. On the bright side I’ve got a few generic Perfecto sleeves if I wanted to paper the wall or something.

Anyway, the track in question is Gary Clail & On-U Sound System – Human Nature. And before you turn and run, the reason for my digging for this is that the track originally didn’t feature vocals from Gary, rather from the firebrand American preacher Billy Graham. Now, I don’t think Billy was too hot on his speech appearing on the original demo with Tackhead and when it came to a commercial release it sample usage was denied. Which was a bit of a shame as I think that the original is more muted and consequently more powerful but Gary & his megaphone probably made for a greater commercial potential.

Billy Graham came to my then hometown of Glasgow in 1991, he had previously condemned it as the most unholy place ever or something. It’s not hard to disagree with that to be honest.

And if GARY CLAIL isn’t your thing, here‘s a lost Lionrock B-Side from an old 7″ single given away with Jockey Slut many moons ago. That’s a disappointingly anachronistic sentence these days.