September 29th 1979, Record Mirror

At the beginning of 1979 James Hamilton invented BPMs as a way of describing music that would become a fundamental tool in a DJ’s assortment. These numbers helped to categorise and sort music, and could help a DJ craft a set on theme and pitch. Anyway, these numbers didn’t go away.

Ask for Maurice

Earth, Wind and Fire are on the cover. I assume David Essex was last week.

Actually, it was Hugo Cornwell. Which leads me to this.


Which further leads me to discogs to find out if any fan submitted photos did make it to the album…


I can’t seem to find any further detail about the people who submitted their photos to Stiff Records in the hope of ending up on the cover of One Step Beyond, but I know you’re out there. And if you’re the centre pic with your bum out, more power to you. And the Colonel Sanders looking dude is awesome.

Charts :

UK Top 100

US Top 100

Record Mirror September 29th 1979 at World Radio History

Youtube playlist of UK & US Soul & Disco Charts via Record Mirror.

The original playlist was on Spotify, but I moved it to youtube. Somewhere between a rock and a hard place, but youtube seems slightly less evil than spotify and slightly more ubiquitous.

In The Brownies

Elsewhere in the paper…


Well, this planned Beatles reformation didn’t happen but there had been moves from Paul McCartney towards reforming the band according to this article. This story appears to be based on an advert from Sid Bernstein asking the band to reform as a benefit towards the boat people of Cambodia, but didn’t come to anything.


Fuck the police.