March 1990, N-R-G


Adamski on the cover, no Lucozade adverts inside though so I’m assuming this is a little before that particular advertising tie-up. I had a Lucozade N-R-G t-shirt from this promotion, but someone stole it from my washing line curiously enough. Anyway, just going to mostly focus on the charts this time, not my stolen clothing.

You gotta get up you gotta get up, you gotta get down boy.

Olimax & DJ Schapps – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Guessing the Silver Bullet track is played at 15 RPM.

Nice to see Depth Charge mentioned here, although the Beatles is an odd appearance as they’re probably as far away from Alternative as you could get.

Fuck off nosey

Snappiness is BBG and TPE is That Petrol Emotion, but can’t seem to figure out what Extended Split is unfortunately. However, Ambient Flamenco House – Savanna Transcendental seems to be this.

Eternal thanks to Bunker Headz here and for many other things.
I got enough

Mix from the above, below.


Ryuchi Sakamoto – Shogunade
That Petrol Emotion – Abandon (Boys Own Mix)
BBG – Snappiness (Sweet Instrumental)
Fischermans Friend – Money (Orb Club Mix)
Sun Electric – O’Locco (Space Therapy)
Love Corporation – Palatial (Danny Rampling Mix)
Loca Mia – Rumba Samba Mambo
Culture Beat – Der Erdbeermund (Get Into Magic Mix)
Quartz – We’re Comin’ At Ya (Amnesia Mix)
Rubberman – Rubberman (Boy’s Own Mix)
Max Q – Sometimes (Land Of Oz Remix)
Count Zero – Silent Prayer
Savannah – Savannah (Transcendental Mix)
DJ Mink Featuring The K.I.D & Carruthers – Hey! Hey! Can U Relate (Sunshine Dub Instrumental)
Jomanda – Make My Body Rock (Break Down Mix)
Lee Marrow – Pain
Sweet Exorcist – Testone
Absurd – Der Akt
Sun Electric – O’Locco (Beyond)