Gay Jacket Full Of Wasps

Once I bought what I thought was a nice vinyl jacket thing (for a human) from Esprit a few years ago, it’s like a suit jacket made out of vinyl. Anyway, I employed a new guy in my department who turned out to be a rather flamboyant gay man, and at one point he mentioned that he thought my jacket was a bit over the top. I figured that when the most fabulous gay man I’ve ever met considered my clothing was too much for him then I might want to reign my sartorial flare in somewhat.

Anyway, anyone reading might be interested in this at Boomkat, it’s a limited collected cassette of the HATE 12″ singles from about 4 years ago. HATE are G.H., Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker and the music is really good, it’s a great revision of Junglish sounds from 2008 via 1998.

(BTW, the full of wasps comment was because I stopped wearing the jacket as it was far too fabulous, and it lingering in our loft area where the wasps had take nover so I assumed it had been lost to them at the time. It was binned at least 5 years ago).