The Lights Go On

It’s probably been nearly two years since I’ve posted anything so I guess it’s about time I changed that. What I wanted to achieve with this blog was to share music that hadn’t been heard in some time or only by a limited audience, so I did that for a while but couldn’t find the momentum to go on and kind of gave up.

So, anyway, here’s something I intended to post a while ago but never got round to it.
Lil’ Louis & The World – Blackout (Original Version)

At the flick of God’s switch.

Lil’ Louis & The World – Blackout (Tempramental Dub)

A World Eclipse

Some might remember these tracks but probably haven’t these particular versions as they was only available on a limited run promo 2x 12″ with I Called U in 1989 and not made available in any other form (that I know of, nor can discogs shed any light on this). There were four version of I Called U & four of Blackout, but only two versions of Blackout (Phase 1 & Phase 2) saw release. The versions here seem to have been expanded into Phase 1 & Phase 2 respectively, but there’s not quite as as much of the dub version used. All of the mixes of I Called U made it to retail as it was the lead single, although the third 12″ in the set of three led with the Over The Edge version of the track and it’s a little under 3 minutes, which wasn’t even the average length of a 7″ single back then. The rest of the single was made up of US version of French Kiss, which seemed a little odd at the time as Blackout was downplayed in favour of I Called U as Blackout was considered by some to be too similar to French Kiss.

As was usual, the corresponding US single was a Maxi running just under 40 minutes (this was before reforms of the single rules for the UK charts which allowed up to 40 minutes on an EP/CD Single) with 5 versions of I Called U instead (some of which are still likely to be hear if one still goes out clubbing or dances round your computer speakers during a boiler room session or whatever kids does these days). Blackout didn’t see a general release on vinyl in the US until 2006 with Phase 3 on Mathematics Records.

See you in another 3 or 4 years!