January 1987, LM Magazine 00

Apologies for the low quality of the scans, my flatbed scanner is unreliable and the CZUR standing scanner thing doesn’t seem to do very well with slightly glossy paper. Anyway, this is the preview issue of LM given away with Crash, Zzap & whatever the Amstrad one was called. Tone is a bit different from the proper issues, but it’s kind of a gateway issue.

This was the belly band wrapper which stuck the mag to it’s computer sibling at Christmas 1986.

The first issues had a neat double cover, simple block colour on the outside, actual cover inside, Superman bursting through the page quite visually striking but this idea was gone by the time issue 4 arrived.

Inside Cover

Anyway, link above. Somehow the PDF is 12Mb so I do suggest you take a look at a snapshot of 1986 featuring 3D out of Massive Attack, Nigel Mansell, some big coats, an assortment of joysticks that wouldn’t look out of place in Ann Summers, Ian Rush, a very youthful looking Mark E. Smith and Superman IV among other stuff.