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It’s not intended to link to anything immediately, and is a random seed to move on from. On that note, here’s something else kind of random. When I was in Primary School, I remember the teacher asking everyone to name their favourite bands and I was confused. I didn’t have any real knowledge of pop music, and although people such as Kirstie Unsworth were mentioning bands such as Blondie I just didn’t have anyone I could think of. I remember saying E.L.O. purely because the teacher was polling the children for their favourite bands to then render their letters in Morse Code(or something), so I was pleased at picking such a shortened name.

In Secondary School my musical influences tended to come from cousins and friends more than anything else. Like many others of my age I found Frankie Goes To Hollywood to be exciting, although that would have from the marketed subversiveness we all fell for. Most of the music from the Eighties passed me by though, I was attracted by the sounds of the SID chip far more than any conventional instrument and couldn’t care less for those such as the Thompson Twins or A-Ha.

Leaving school in 1987, I took a job in a factory as an apprentice engineer and mixed with people that had more interesting tastes in music than I did at the time, and was introduced to bands such the The Smiths, The Cure, R.E.M. and Echo and the Bunnymen. Bands that were probably lurking around the Indie charts on the Chart Show that I hadn’t previously cared for. From this I started noticing things like Snub TV with other previously overlooked bands like Spacemen 3 and the Jesus and Mary Chain, and I felt I was beginning to find music that resonated with me.

In 1991 Primal Scream played at the Glasgow Plaza. The Plaza is a derelict building these days, but as anyone at that concert would attest it is probably because the concert tore the roof off the venue. The concert had support from Slam and Andrew Weatherall, and for the first time outside of the Sub Club there were hundreds of folk on E dancing on anything they could. The speakers and the fountains were a writhing mass of folk dancing in tandem, joints and water passed around to anyone and everyone. A proper nightout, and a fond memory of a simpler time.

This is intended as a rummage through the bins of the internet, digging up the music files that no-one else wants.

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