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Record Mirror, 1988 April 30th.

I thought this post was in a more advanced state, seem to have lost a revision somewhere. Probably due to Windows 10 updating itself when I didn’t want it to. Will maybe add other images later but for now there’s just a mix. Only a couple of tracks, but variations of them contained within. Goes on a bit, but I’m happy with the Raze / Turntable Orchestra section round about the middle.

Raze – Break 4 Love
Turntable Orchestra – Gonna Miss Me
Royal House – Can You Party?
New Order – Blue Monday 88
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings

Magazine here.

I started writing this in January, but then something happened that made me reticent to come back to this so it’s half completed and therefore a light one this week. There’s not so much to cover as the black dance chart hasn’t changed much in seven days anyway.

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