Gay Jacket Full of Wasps

Once I bought what I thought was a nice vinyl jacket thing (for a human) from Esprit a few years ago, it’s like a suit jacket made out of vinyl. Anyway, I employed a new guy in my department who turned out to be a rather flamboyant gay man, and at one point he mentioned that he thought my jacket was a bit over the top. I figured that when the most fabulous gay man I’ve ever met considered my clothing was too much for him then I might want to reign my sartorial flare in somewhat.

Anyway, anyone reading might be interested in this at Boomkat, it’s a limited collected cassette of the HATE 12″ singles from about 4 years ago. HATE are G.H., Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker and the music is really good, it’s a great revision of Junglish sounds from 2008 via 1998.

I step away from this and weeks turn into months, there are a couple of drafts here but are mostly only collections of unrelated words which may have been meaningful to me 9 months ago but emerge blinking into my editor confused. Any ideas I had for posts have turned to dust and symbols, A draft title of Mashed Potatoes stares up at me, and I can only guess at what it’s referring to although it could have been used for this post. I could apologise for not posting, but as I’m probably writing mostly for myself it would merely be cathartic so I won’t. I only suggest to myself that I should at least try to post more than once a year.

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This has been on my todo list for a while, but I always had some problems finding the right version of the disc. My discogs adventures would inevitably turn up the wrong version, which was an easy mistake to make as I didn’t know how to tell one version from the other until a wonderful soul noticed a difference on the runout groove. On the bright side I’ve got a few generic Perfecto sleeves if I wanted to paper the wall or something.

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Spotify is kind of neat, isn’t it? It takes mere seconds to find Pinball Cha Cha, Nlogax, the Cinematic Orchestra’s fabulous Late Night Tales session or Blanck Mass without having to journey down to the archive. Which is admittedly about 5 steps over there and 15 steps downstairs but it’s the principle that counts. From an artist point of view it doesn’t seem to be all that fair, each play probably nets you about 0.000003 pence per play which is about as much exposure as you get from some guy on the Internet posting the tracks you hoped were in the permanent bin.

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The lights go on

It’s probably been nearly two years since I’ve posted anything so I guess it’s about time I changed that. What I wanted to achieve with this blog was to share music that hadn’t been heard in some time or only by a limited audience, so I did that for a while but couldn’t find the momentum to go on and kind of gave up.

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Now I’ve got that out of my system, here’s something I was intending to post around now. Coldcut’s Christmas Break : Break, loping between Can’t Truss It and the 900 Number (among others), a weird artifact which predates Ninjatunes.”””


Observant parties may have noticed some activity of late, I’m still trying to get the right framework in place but in the interim please find another mix. A bit jungly, bit Weatherall this time around.

Also, an unprecedented tracklist for a change, get a load of this and see if it interests you:

Paul Weller – Kosmos(Lynch Mob Bonus Beats)
Lisa May – The Curse Of Voodoo Ray
DJ Nate – Hatas Our Motivation
Goldie – Crystal Clear
Orbital – Times Fly
Tobacco – Stretch Your Face
Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows
The Orb – Hamlet of Kings
Paul Weller – Heliocentric (Swordsman 4UR Mix)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Asbestos Lead Asbestos (Plug Remix)
The Gaslamp Killer – Ruskie Electric
Jungle Brothers – Jungle Brother
The Dust Brothers – One Too Many Mornings
Kinobe – Slip Into Something More Comfortable
The Impossibles – The Drum
Julian Cope – Head (Heed: Of Penetration & The City Dweller Remix)
Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul(Acen remix)
KiD CuDi – Man On The Moon (The Anthem)
Kraftwerk – Expo 2000
Kid Acne – Hooligan 78
Monkey Mafia – Work Mi Body (Bobby Konders Vocal)
Jam On the Mutha – Hotel California (Orb in Cali Mix)
Fresh 4 – Wishing On A Star (Housey)
Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams – Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams
The Art Of Noise – Heart Of Love
Ennio Morricone – Giocoso, Gioioso (Groove Corporation remix)
Kid Acne – Hooligan 78
Beats International – Three Foot Skank
David Bowie – Love Missile F1-11
The Impossibles – The Drum (Andy Weatherall mix)
Izit – Stories (Stories Mix)
Electra – Autumn Love (Rave Mix)
Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart – Bomba (Nonsonicus Maximus Mix)

Look how underground I am, Paul Weller, Julian Cope, David Bowie, Tears For Fears & Norman Cook.“””