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Daily Mirror

It’s hard to find some things. Used to be easier, back when. Things were there or there, or maybe on alt.binaries.there but it all got broken. It’s true there was more stuff, but the things, the small things that I want from 30 years ago. They’re not there, they might have been there, but google groups ate dejanews and that thing, those things I wanted I can’t find. I’ve gone to the places that were supposed to archive, that should have had the things, the things I wanted but people don’t care for their jobs and they assume you’ve not done the requisite background checking and that you’re just there, just there, asking the obvious things. But what I want is somewhere, but at a cost. And, the cost, to you dear reader is nothing.

Anyway, there will be hopefully in a month a more substantial post about something. It’s taken some time and research and harassing people and quite some legwork to get to this thing, and there’s still some other stuff that needs to happen in the background and it might not happen and it might land badly and gosh, I don’t know maybe I can’t write with the same interest and maybe I won’t be writing for anyone and maybe I should pivot to video and maybe you won’t like it. But, I’ve wanted to try this thing, this specific thing for a few years and I couldn’t quite find the groove, tried with my needle and it was blunt and kept skipping and now, I’ve got into the groove. And it might only be an opening riff of something. And it might not work. And I might need help. And you, you might be my saviour.

Please do come back on February 6th. Either I tell you about that (gestures to the left) or this (points to open browser tab). Or I go silent for a few years. Place your bets.