5 comments on “Cheater

  1. I don’t have a scooby what you are on about. My brother had a Spectrum but I was under the impression that no good would come of computers I do remember him shouting and swearing a lot which reinforced my opinion.
    good to have you back Stx.

  2. Hey,
    I’m a completely random guy, I found you through Reddit…..
    I went from a page that showed Richard James showing his face through audio.
    To googling him, finding your post about another secret file and want to say you are definitely onto something!
    I love things like this, mysteries and conspiracy theories.
    I wish you luck in your endeavours and should I come across a spectrum (my dad used to have one which we programmed on together so I love this system) I will definitely come back.
    All the best!

  3. Cheetah was a company who made the SpecDrum interface, as well as other music related gadgets like a sampler & a couple of synths.

    Maybe it’s data for one of those.

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