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Warehouse 8

There was always just one thing that deterred me from letting go of this. I never did get to finish writing up Rumour’s Warehouse Raves series. Disc 8 had eluded me for so long, and it seemed that we would never meet, that I would remain unable to write a line under that series and know that we had dallied our last. Not that it was going to be a bad thing, as by this incarnation of the compilation things were decidedly ropey and with little of note among the never to be heard of again sampler cutandpastes but hey, it’s 2 years since Warehouse Raves 7 was covered in these pages and there is no time like the present.

Also, the double header of Big Brother & the World Cup is kind of killing my television.

The Reese Project – So Deep (Full Bump Mix)

Kevin Saunderson remixed by Bump, responsible for the handbag house of I’m Rushing.

Lovestation – Shine On Me (Garage Mix)

Possibly the most memorable track of this set.

Swingtime Dee – You & I (Future Love Mix)
Floor Control – Love Will Make It Right
Groove Corporation – Stoned (Gold Seal Mix)

Comprising the members of Electribe 101 who weren’t Billie Ray Martin.

DiY – Hothead (Original DIY Dub)

DiY were/are a legendary Nottingham based sound system who would not be out of place in context with Spiral Tribe or the Drum Club.

Harri – Skelph

Glasgow boy made good, cross licensed from Limbo – 23rd Precinct’s record label.

Grant Plant – Gotagetup
The Diceman – Le Noir

Unfortunately not the same Diceman incarnation as the Aphex Twin alias.

Masters Of The Monotonal Groove – Keep Pumpin’
Special Clock – Boom Pow! (Eventuala Mix)

Colin James, who was responsible for The Diceman here. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to find that Colin was responsible for the Warehouse Raves compilations and ran out of steam here.


What now?

Probably a podcast, but more of a mixtape. Hopefully weekly but I can’t promise that for certain. Let’s see how I get on over the next month and we’ll take it from there.