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The Warehouse Raves series ended with volume 8, by this time the series had changed name to the slightly more generic Warehouse 8. Unfortunately trying to find this final volume proves to be somewhat tricky due to the Dave Matthews Band releasing a series of bootleg/live CDs called live at Warehouse 8. Hrr. Anyway, might as well pick up where I left off last year with this series. I had intended to come to this one day, but just didn’t find the time.

First up, and needing no introduction Nomad (ft. MC Mikee Freedom) – I Wanna Give You Devotion. Supposedly based on Ten City’s Devotion, but I’ve never really noticed the match between the two tracks.

Secondly, another anthem of the time that doesn’t really need me to say anything about it, but I’m going to ramble over the front of the track much like an uninvited stranger who turns up before your dinner. Originally a track that may have been indirectly responsible for a million mashups, this takes a Candi Staton vocals and layers it carefully over the bassline from Frankie Knuckles ft. Jamie Principle – Your Love. I am of course talking about The Source – You Got The Love. It’s presented here in the Erens bootleg variety, but I’ve also included the less common Morning Time remix by the very lovely Olimax.

This is followed by fairly forgettable tunes from DJ’s Rule with Get Into The Music which is just weak and very out of date, Oval Emotion with Go Go which is fairly dreadful filler with Marshall Jefferson samples. Orchestra JB follows with Come Alive sampling Madonna’s Justify My Love. As a general observation by this point a lot of the content is nothing more than filler, and the next track, Baby Doll House – What’s Up is proving this theory due it’s general terribleness. I’m not even sure what sort of sound this is trying to acheive, weak flutey bollocks. And speaking of flutes, B.D.J. & Warriors 6.1.0. Welcome (Big Flute) is one flute away from Secchi – Flute On, which is about the only Flute House track I remember liking.

Continuing with the task in hand, next is Greed – Give Me (The Quadrant Remix) which seems to make liberal use of Lost – The Gonzo (more of this later) and Kariya – Baby Let Me Love You For Tonight, a classic house track from around the same time.

Tuff Little Unit – Join The Future has a sound that I’ve always identified with early Warp releases, the rubbery sub bass sound that I could have sworn was given out with every contract for the label, or lived in the water there. The other highlight of this disc is the aforementioned The Gonzo, named after my favourite muppet, samples “Hey, We want some Pussy” and has an awesome 90s rave breakdown.

The final two tracks are both great for different reasons, Undercover Movement’s – Moonstompin’ which is a great piece of early Drum ‘n’ Bass and Indo Tribe – In The Mind Of A Child (First Born Mix) is a Future Sound of London pseudonym.

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Tip! Don’t image search google for Gonzo expecting to find just pictures of muppets.

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