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The Age of Love – The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Sign of the Times) : This is the sort of mood I’ve been in lately, one that has The Age Of Love going round inside my head for a while.

Jam & Spoon – Stella (Frank de Wulf Lost Bet remix) : And Age of Love pretty much always ties in with Stella when I think of it more so for the Watch Out For Stella remix of the above.

Felix – Don’t You Want Me(Hooj mix) : I recently heard this in the background of something and had forgotten about it until then.

Billy Bragg – Sexuality (London remix) : This is overflow from another post that currently haunts my draft folder. Remixed in this version by Adam Peters, the other guy out of the previously mentioned Sunsonic.

Capricorn – 20 Hz : Percussion obsession ala Spastik & The Goodmen, but I don’t think it was really popular for some reason. Discogs seems to indicate I’m a bit wrong there though. Also, Capricorn went on to cover Walking On The Moon, which I had previously missed, somewhat thankfully considering the calibre of most rave cover versions.

Toxic Two – Rave Generator.mp3 : Not really aged very well this one. Also, I seem to remember this was pretty much lifted wholesale from another record of the time. Anyone happen to remember if this was the case, or if I’m just making things up again?

Chad Jackson – Hear The Drummer Get Wicked(The Raggnatious remix)

Paul Rutherford – Get Real(Sinister remix) : A slightly less intense version of the original, but still worth a listen. Also, a soapbox moment for me in that there is a recent compilation album with the Happy House mix of this on it mislabelled as Adonis’ Happy House mix. Adonis was nowhere near this track at any time, it was produced by ABC.

Billy Bragg items on ebay.

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