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Growing up in the 70s and 80s Britain led to some extended exposure to Science Fiction in print via 2000AD, in the cinema via Star Wars and on radio from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. On top of this, there was a little known show on BBC called Doctor Who, the focus of which was time travel, and not LSD depressed scientific meddling from a paranoid fugitive who travelled the galaxy in an invisible flying saucer. I’ve always been fond of the concept of time travel, I was speaking with my father on the telephone recently and he told me that he used to go to school with someone that has the exact same name as my son, and it took exceptional strength not to suggest it was actually my son sent back in time to pass on important information to him.

Anyway, last year I posted a track from a never to be released Doctor Who compilation album, and recently one of the other tracks has made it’s way into my hands, the UNKLE Reconstruction of the Doctor Who theme. Along with the Saint Etienne track, There There My Brigadier, this seems to be as much of the album that made it out on to the Internet. So, if Lemon Jelly, Coldcut or The Orb would like to turn up and anonymously sendspace their contributions, that would be lovely.

Other than the above, there have been various versions of the Doctor Who theme, and it was a particular favourite of the Hartnolls.
Orbital – Doctor Look Out

Orbital – Doctor?

Orbital – Doctor Who Theme (Live)

And of course, there are versions veering on the comedic side of things.

Jon Pertwee – I Am The Doctor

The Go-Gos – I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek

The Timelords – Doctorin’ The Tardis

And veering from the comedic to potentially creepy:

The Timelords – Gary In The Tardis(Minimal)

Dub version:

Dub Syndicate – Doctor Who

Disco version:

Mankind – Time Traveller

Terrible shitty charity version:

Who Cares – Doctor In Distress

And I must mention that I’ve recently been playing Space Invaders Extreme on the PSP which is all kinds of awesome if like me you were not quite tall enough to peer into the Taito coin eating device back in 79. The music especially is wonderful, building a techno track around the invaders descent bassline.

And while I’m on that reference, here is the video for Ken Ishii vs FLR – Space Invaders 2003, which is both wonderful and depressing at the time.

Doctor Who music items on ebay.

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