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I’m sure I’ve covered this before, but certain things bear repeating, and I’ve kind of tied myself up on another draft post that I need to step back from for a few days before it eats me alive. When I’m trying to track down Matt Bianco songs there must be something wrong with me. I’ll end up on Saturday Superstore with precocious kids telephoning to call me a wanker.

Anyway, Marva Whitney – Unwind Yourself, a James Brown vocalist, but we’re more interested in the Saxophone sample that led to DJ Mark The 45 King – The 900 Number.

The 900 Number has for no good reason I can think of been resurrected, and is presented here in an Eli Escobar remix. I don’t know who Eli Escobar, but he’s done a bang up job on this one.

The 900 Number was previously remixed in 1990 or thereabouts by the 45 King himself, Ced Gee & Chad Jackson. Chad Jackson’s remix is particularly notable for the sheer amount of samples contained within and was released with his name as artist as it was supposedly constructed from the original loop and not the sampled one or something. I think it more likely the 45 King felt the treatment to be slightly over the top.


Unwind Yourself was also notably used for DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat, and it was used in Yo! MTV raps as the Ed Luva dance or something similar. I don’t really know about this as MTV wasn’t very prevalent among my peers at this time.

I mistakely though I would try searching for the sleeve of the original issue of the 900 Number, as it had a quite striking red sleeve with a yellow label, but as 900 numbers tend towards the premium rate telephone call area, most images related to the phrase tend to be kind of risque. Or of cocks.

Also! Marc the 808 Bass Queen – 900 Bass Number.

The 900 Number on ebay, one of which at least had the sleeve I was thinking of.


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