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The first CD I bought, well one of the first CDs I bought was The Greatest Hits of House.


I’m not sure what exactly attracted me to this one, it certainly wasn’t the sleeve as it looks like a global hypercolor dye truck collided with the Letraset factory. I guess it is possible that the “AS SEEN ON T.V.” and “DOUBLE COMPACT DISC” legends sucker-punched me, but it’s more likely the DDD notation on the back stating that “Digital recorders were used at all points of the process” convinced me to take the plunge. Stylus Music didn’t publish much more than this and a few other compilations, but when your catalogue includes Stock Aitken & Waterman, Imagination and Aswad your time is probably not long of this Earth.

As compilations go, it’s a bit of a con. The “32 Mega House Hits” are clipped in places to ensure they fit the 2 discs leading to versions of the tracks that are not quite as full as they could be.

So why exactly am I reminiscing? I was asked earlier this week if I had This Ain’t Chicago – Ride The Rhythm and I remembered it was somewhere among my discs, leading me to dig this one out. Finding the CD further reminded me of my first CD playing crappy stereo with bright orange LEDs and suspicious Far East parentage and also of the first few CDs I bought. This was one, the others were Yello – Tied Up & Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance.

On further investigation of the CD, there are some tracks that are still robust these days. Nitro Deluxe – This Brutal House in particular still sounds as fresh as it did back then, and I’ve posted a few other tracks below that I found to be still quite notable. However, the difference between myself and Stylus Music is that I’ve endeavoured to find fuller versions of the tracks where possible as I don’t think there is a single track across these discs longer than 5 minutes. I haven’t been able to find an alternative version of the aforementioned Ride The Rhythm though.

Simon Harris – Bass(How Low Can You Go?) : As CTel points out in the comments below, an inspiration for what may be Gary Clail’s finest 7 minutes, Beef(How Low Can You Go?).

Beatmasters – Burn It Up : Remixed here by Baby Ford.

Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You : Remixed here by Richie Rich.

Sterling Void – Runaway : Desperation Dub.

Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder : Remixed by Rocky Jones.

Adonis – The Poke : Your Turn 2 Work Me remix.

The Greatest Hits Of House on ebay

BTW, one member of This Ain’t Chicago went on to find success under more than one other alias. Stand up Dizzie Dee, later of Candy Flip & Sure Is Pure.

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