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It would be easy to write Moby off as a dick. He has made some music that overstayed it’s welcome by providing the soundtrack to near every commercial break as well as choices which seem intent on pissing people off, but on the flip side his early rave/club work is pretty good and that’s the period I want to highlight.

Some of the following is documented on the album, Early Underground, so if this is up your street, it might be worth tracking down.

Barracuda – Barracuda


Brainstorm – Rock The House

And of course, the track that propelled him into the limelight, the Twin Peaks sampling Go.

Go (Amphetamix)

His music after this points becomes quite divergent, Ambient, Animal Rights & I Like To Score are all fairly accomplished albums across quite different styles, but soon after this came Play, indicating the sound that would launch a thousand products.
From this album, I was particularly fond of Bodyrock, this seems to very similar DNA to My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andrew Weatherall remix), Westbam – Alarm Clock & Sub Sub – Jaggernath. Part of this comes from Spoony Gee and The Treacherous Three – Love Rap.

Also, I love this video.

Following Play was 18, which I think is unique in that every track from the album was licensed for commercial use. I haven’t really followed Moby’s career too closely after this other than 3 points of note:

1. Make Love, Fuck War in collaboration with Public Enemy, which was the best thing either of them were involved in for ages.

2. Beyond The Sea, in collaboration with Oscar The Punk. This was featured on a CD issued with the collector edition of the game Bioshock. Thankfully this version doesn’t appear in the game (as far as I remember) as it would be quite a jolt out of Rapture.

3. Everyday it’s 1989, a paean to Rave Pianos and seemingly the centrepiece to his new album.

hymn.alt.quiet.version – I promised this a while back, and forgot about Moby until a friend reminded me earlier today.

Thousand – Highest BPM ever or something. See also the Aphex Twin – Didgeridoo and the St. Vitus dance. Maybe also epilepsy.

And as you’ve no doubt come to expect, Moby is responsible for a raft of remixes of other artists:

LFO – Tan Ta Ra(Moby remix) : From the What Is House? EP.

Erasure – Chorus (Vegan remix)

Jam & Spoon – Stella (Barracuda remix) : Surprisingly I’ve only posted Stella once before.

Orbital – Speed Freak (Moby Remix) : As previously mentioned, this also forms part of the Orbital Mutations set.

The Shamen – Make It Mine (US Dub) : Not all that good to be honest, and sounding oddly similar to the opening of Sabres vs. Underdog – The Theme.

Westbam – Bam Bam Bam (Moby Dub) : Another individual I need to spend some time investigating, even if only to post Alarm Clock.

Smashing Pumpkins – 1979 (Moby mix) : File under bands I’ve never got.

Also, a couple of recent requests:

Sure Beats Workin’ – Sure Beats Workin : Sampling the theme from the Old Grey Whistle Test. Which is probably fairly meaningless outside of the UK.

Orbital – The Box Part 4 : The Vocal mix.

Moby items on ebay.

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