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Number four (or five if you count The Shamen’s Will Sin, but I didn’t note that the last time I posted works by The Shamen) in an occasional series highlighting the works of someone who sadly died before their time, today is the turn of Lee Newman.

With her partner Michael Wells they were responsible for a great many works under myriad names, the most famous of which would likely be Tricky Disco & Technohead, although their earliest output was under the alias of Greater Than One later abbreviated to GTO. Sadly the GTO namespace is poisoned by some anime bollocks about a teacher, so finding information other than the oft repeated discogs profile is kind of tricky.

Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy(GTO Get High remix) : Surprisingly different from the main track due to the lack of vocals.

Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco(Inner Space mix)

And in trying to dig up the Tricky Disco video with the Smash mashed potato robots, I can’t help but notice many of youtube videos where someone puts a record on and just films the turntable. I’d much rather seem more videos in the following vein, which features Barbies dancing to the Smurfs version of I Wanna Be a Hippy.

Anyway, Smurfs, Barbies and Puppies aside:

John & Julie – Circles(GTO Europa remix) : Which either owes or is owed a debt by D-Shake below.

GTO – Pure : I’ve opted for the Battle of the Basses remix as the Pure Energy mix seems to be the one that most folk know of. Not that I’ve got anything against that particular version, but if I had a mission statement it would be something about providing you with the rarer versions of tracks where possible.

GTO – Tip Of The Iceberg(Jesus Jones remix) : As far as I can tell, the only track remixed by Jesus Jones. Don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, I’m still fond of Info Freako but the rest of their output is kind of suspect.

GTO – The Bullfrog(Dataflow remix)

The Hypnotist – The House Is Mine(GTO remix) : Linking to an earlier post within the same category, The Hypnotist was Caspar Pound, someone else that died at a very early age.

Other slightly related bits:

D-Shake – Technotranced(Feel The Space)/Yaaah(Freestyle Club remix)


The Orb – Asylum(Kris & Dave remix)

Delta Lady – Anything You Want(Delta Dub Charge)

Young MC – I Come Off(Southern Comfort remix)

GTO music items on ebay. Slim pickings.

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