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For a while there was a track at the back of my mind that I found incredibly difficult to dredge back out, it was a kind of deep house track called Tonight, and featured a languorous female vocal with the words ‘Tell him I’m gonna make love to him toniiiighttt’. Other than that the only detail I could remember was that it was by a band with Boys or Girls or similar in the title, so trying to track it down wasn’t exactly easy. Looking for something else today, I noticed the stock MCA disc label and remembered that this track was once issued on that label. Then off to discogs, but I was disappointed for not find the a track called Tonight that met that criteria so I then tried looking through the listings at gemm for everything with tonight in the title issued on MCA. As nearly every famous artist ever has released a song with such a title, I had to make my way through 20000 listings before stumbling across Those Guys – Tonight, an alias of the Basement Boys(which was what I was remembering). In addition it didn’t help much that the track name was spelled differently but I found it thanks to someone on gemm under the same illusion as I, but at least that’s an itch at the back on my mind deeply scratched. Anyway, that wasn’t the intended focus as I had someone else in mind but sometimes my fingers run away with themselves and I end up with rambling posts that veer far away from the matter at hand. I’ll shut up now, and introduce today’s theme of Joey Beltram.

Energy Flash : The wobbly bass sound of this is a defining moment in techno, and I’ve tried to represent it onomatopoetically as the title of this post. For a word with that meaning it certainly is hard to spell.

My Sound

Second Phase – Mentasm(Beltram & Muzique remix) : Coming on strong with the strength of a hurricane. This track goes hand in hand with Energy Flash, although for a slightly different reason. This is the invention (or perhaps the distillation) of the rave hoover sound. The sound itself is reputably a preset on a Juno keyboard called ‘What The’.


Human Resource – Dominator (Joey Beltram remix) : And if we’re talking hoover sounds, this is the one that everyone knows of. One of the biggest tracks associated with R&S/Belgian Techno, the rap was contributed by Larenzo Nash, one time pro US basketball player & rapper for Belgian group 80 AUM. Guido Pernet of the band can be seen miming in the following excerpt from Dance Energy, Normski’s Monday night day glo half hour parent confuser for Def II.

The Shamen – Pro Gen (Beltram Dub) : With so many variations of this track, it’s no surprise to find a version by Joey Beltram among them.

The Prodigy – Charley (Beltram Says) : Essential cat versus hoover sound.

Altern 8 – Infiltrate 202(Joey Beltram remix)

Orbital – Chime (Joey Beltram remix) : From the Mutations EPs which feature a bunch of early Orbital tracks remixed by folk such as Meat Beat Manifesto, Ray Keith, Moby, Dave Angel & Dave Dorrell.

Phuture – We Are Phuture (Joey Beltram remix)

Nothing to do with me, guv’.

Joey Beltram’s myspace page

Beltram tagged items on ebay.

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