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Continuing to plough a niche through music underrepresented by mp3 blogs, the Drum Club. As well as the band, The Drum Club was also the name of a weekly night which was largely responsible for shaping the sound commonly known as Progressive House.

I previously posted a wonderful mix of their Sound System track by Underworld, but there were some other notables singles from these guys that are well worth having a listen to. There’s a biography of Charlie Hall over here and an interview with Lol Hammond in his capacity as music director for the movie ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’ over here for a bit more background on them.

U Make Me Feel So Good

Alchemy(Orbital Phasers on Stun) : Released on Guerilla Records, a sadly missed label and also a major force in the definition of the Progressive House sound of the time.

Drums Are Dangerous (303 Invades Seattle Mix)

Oscillate And Infiltrate (23 Steps To Heaven Mix)

Sound System(Cocodeepdub)

And for good measure, some remixes:

New Fast Automatic Daffodils – This Is Fascism(Drum Club Difference remix) : This is Fascism was a double album of various remixes of the New FAD’s cover of Consolidated’s This Is Fascism compiled and released as a benefit album. Discogs wrongly credits the album to Consolidated, but I don’t really want to start changing things over there least I spawn some sort of holy war. It was a difficult enough process getting a 12″ single I wrote up approved.

The Fall – Middle Class Revolt(Drum Club Orange In The Mouth remix) : I seem to be turning into the Internet’s main provider of dance remixes of The Fall. Ah.

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Exit 23(Drum Club remix)

Pop Will Eat Itself – Underbelly(Drum Club Bugsong remix)

Killing Joke – Millennium (23 Minutes To Midnight Mix) : Youth of Killing Joke was responsible for signing the Drum Club to his Big Life offshoot Butterfly Records along with contemporaries such as System 7 & Spiral Tribe.

Slab – Weather Smasher(Atom Smasher Andrew Weatherall remix) : Post Drum Club, Lol Hammond formed Slab with Nina Walsh and moved from the Progressive House sound of the Drum Club into the Big Beat ideaspace. I hate labelling genres, but grudgingly admit the descriptions do at least hint at the sound one might expect to hear.

Meat Beat Manifesto – Circles(Drum Club remix) : Supposedly the track Circles remixed by the Drum Club, although I can’t find any proof this one is real.

Drum Club items on ebay, relatively slim pickings and not helped by some muppet poisoning the listings by trying to sell sexy drum samples.

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