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Moved. In little over nine months I’ve changed jobs, home and become a parent. I don’t think there is much else I can do this year to top that other than possible space exploration and I doubt that will happen any time soon after the chance was cruelly stolen from me by a newsagent.

Anyway, continuing on the theme of stuff that I’ve just found in a box of CDs and the parallel theme of overly long tracks, a track from The Joy featuring vocals from Denise Johnson, and a track from Denise Johnson featuring The Joy on remix duties – Rays of the Rising Sun(Heliocentric remix) and Shine(Hyperphoria Mix). Denise Johnson is most likely best remembered for her work with Primal Scream around the time of the Screamadelica album.

Her other works of some note that I should have posted but couldn’t quite find right now are with A Certain Ratio and Electronic as well as providing the vocals for Hypnotone’s Dream Beam, which I posted last year as part of the Short Film About Chilling post.

Denise Johnson items on ebay

BTW, I should point out that posts are kind of infrequent just now because my computer is broken and I need to find a couple of hours to perform some mac surgery.

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