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Pure Energy

Number four (or five if you count The Shamen’s Will Sin, but I didn’t note that the last time I posted works by The Shamen) in an occasional series highlighting the works of someone who sadly died before their time, today is the turn of Lee Newman.

With her partner Michael Wells they were responsible for a great many works under myriad names, the most famous of which would likely be Tricky Disco & Technohead, although their earliest output was under the alias of Greater Than One later abbreviated to GTO. Sadly the GTO namespace is poisoned by some anime bollocks about a teacher, so finding information other than the oft repeated discogs profile is kind of tricky.

Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy(GTO Get High remix) : Surprisingly different from the main track due to the lack of vocals.

Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco(Inner Space mix)

And in trying to dig up the Tricky Disco video with the Smash mashed potato robots, I can’t help but notice many of youtube videos where someone puts a record on and just films the turntable. I’d much rather seem more videos in the following vein, which features Barbies dancing to the Smurfs version of I Wanna Be a Hippy.

Anyway, Smurfs, Barbies and Puppies aside:

John & Julie – Circles(GTO Europa remix) : Which either owes or is owed a debt by D-Shake below.

GTO – Pure : I’ve opted for the Battle of the Basses remix as the Pure Energy mix seems to be the one that most folk know of. Not that I’ve got anything against that particular version, but if I had a mission statement it would be something about providing you with the rarer versions of tracks where possible.

GTO – Tip Of The Iceberg(Jesus Jones remix) : As far as I can tell, the only track remixed by Jesus Jones. Don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, I’m still fond of Info Freako but the rest of their output is kind of suspect.

GTO – The Bullfrog(Dataflow remix)

The Hypnotist – The House Is Mine(GTO remix) : Linking to an earlier post within the same category, The Hypnotist was Caspar Pound, someone else that died at a very early age.

Other slightly related bits:

D-Shake – Technotranced(Feel The Space)/Yaaah(Freestyle Club remix)


The Orb – Asylum(Kris & Dave remix)

Delta Lady – Anything You Want(Delta Dub Charge)

Young MC – I Come Off(Southern Comfort remix)

GTO music items on ebay. Slim pickings.

I’m still dealing with boxes and furniture and lights and things, so I’m not especially productive of late when it comes to updating this place. Just a quick note to anyone that might leave a post asking about an old track, if you do post something, could you ensure you have a working email address that I can follow up on? On that note, there were a couple of request for some of the old tracks lately, so here are Orbital – Belfast(Wasted) & The Fall – Hit The North(Part 6 Double Six mix). Also, if you’re looking for something in a similar vein to my posts but would prefer them in a slightly more timely manner, CTel has recently started an alphablog over here.

And now back to your regular programming with a few tracks from Secret Knowledge, aka journalist, author & musician Kris Needs.

Well known for his biography output of Joe Strummer, Keith Richards & Bob Marley among others, but he first came to the fore in the late 70s taking control of Pete Frame’s (of Rock Family Trees) ZigZag magazine and turning it into a showcase for punk rock covering the emerging scene.

The 80s by comparison seem to a be little less productive other than trying to get a pop magazine with Alistair Crowley on the cover into WH Smiths until sharing a flat with Youth and hooking up with Primal Scream via Alex Paterson. The early 90s saw Sugar Daddy released on the Sabres of Paradise label in collaboration with US vocalist Wonder. More information can be gleaned from an extensive interview over here.

Sugar Daddy : This one really needs no introduction.

Let The Groove Begin (Minimal Expressions) : Remixed by Arthur Baker.

As well as the Secret Knowledge output for Sabres, Needs & Wonder recorded for Leftfield’s Hard Hands label as Delta Lady.

Delta Lady – Anything You Want (Delta Belter Vocal)

Delta Lady – Swamp Fever(Delta Baptism)

And as with pretty much every other group mentioned here, he is a prolific remixer.

Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart – Becoming More Like God (Secret Knowledge To Hell And Back Mix)

Empirion – Narcotic Influence (Secret Knowledge remix)

The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Secret Knowledge remix)

Hardfloor – Acperience (Secret Knowledge remix)

The Prodigy – Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)(Secret Knowledge remix)

Pop Will Eat Itself – Cape Connection (Secret Knowledge)

Transglobal Underground – Slowfinger (Delta Ladies Night Mix)

And last but not least, Kris Needs’ remix of The Orb’s Toxygene. Kris collaborated with The Orb as Bytesize Nuns and also for the Orb track Occidental.

There are loads more remixes by Kris in this guise and under his own name, and I hope to showcase a few I find interesting, but there are many more and as an excercise for the reader I recommend you try to track some of them down. I’m missing One Dove, Saint Etienne, Primal Scream, Nitzer Ebb & The Clash among others due to a lack of space. That and not really wanting to post something with a half gigabyte worth of attached files.

Secret Knowledge music items on ebay. The stuff in other categories is kind of odd due to the term Secret Knowledge having other connotations.

Bub bub bub bow wow

For a while there was a track at the back of my mind that I found incredibly difficult to dredge back out, it was a kind of deep house track called Tonight, and featured a languorous female vocal with the words ‘Tell him I’m gonna make love to him toniiiighttt’. Other than that the only detail I could remember was that it was by a band with Boys or Girls or similar in the title, so trying to track it down wasn’t exactly easy. Looking for something else today, I noticed the stock MCA disc label and remembered that this track was once issued on that label. Then off to discogs, but I was disappointed for not find the a track called Tonight that met that criteria so I then tried looking through the listings at gemm for everything with tonight in the title issued on MCA. As nearly every famous artist ever has released a song with such a title, I had to make my way through 20000 listings before stumbling across Those Guys – Tonight, an alias of the Basement Boys(which was what I was remembering). In addition it didn’t help much that the track name was spelled differently but I found it thanks to someone on gemm under the same illusion as I, but at least that’s an itch at the back on my mind deeply scratched. Anyway, that wasn’t the intended focus as I had someone else in mind but sometimes my fingers run away with themselves and I end up with rambling posts that veer far away from the matter at hand. I’ll shut up now, and introduce today’s theme of Joey Beltram.

Energy Flash : The wobbly bass sound of this is a defining moment in techno, and I’ve tried to represent it onomatopoetically as the title of this post. For a word with that meaning it certainly is hard to spell.

My Sound

Second Phase – Mentasm(Beltram & Muzique remix) : Coming on strong with the strength of a hurricane. This track goes hand in hand with Energy Flash, although for a slightly different reason. This is the invention (or perhaps the distillation) of the rave hoover sound. The sound itself is reputably a preset on a Juno keyboard called ‘What The’.


Human Resource – Dominator (Joey Beltram remix) : And if we’re talking hoover sounds, this is the one that everyone knows of. One of the biggest tracks associated with R&S/Belgian Techno, the rap was contributed by Larenzo Nash, one time pro US basketball player & rapper for Belgian group 80 AUM. Guido Pernet of the band can be seen miming in the following excerpt from Dance Energy, Normski’s Monday night day glo half hour parent confuser for Def II.

The Shamen – Pro Gen (Beltram Dub) : With so many variations of this track, it’s no surprise to find a version by Joey Beltram among them.

The Prodigy – Charley (Beltram Says) : Essential cat versus hoover sound.

Altern 8 – Infiltrate 202(Joey Beltram remix)

Orbital – Chime (Joey Beltram remix) : From the Mutations EPs which feature a bunch of early Orbital tracks remixed by folk such as Meat Beat Manifesto, Ray Keith, Moby, Dave Angel & Dave Dorrell.

Phuture – We Are Phuture (Joey Beltram remix)

Nothing to do with me, guv’.

Joey Beltram’s myspace page

Beltram tagged items on ebay.

Drums Are Dangerous


Continuing to plough a niche through music underrepresented by mp3 blogs, the Drum Club. As well as the band, The Drum Club was also the name of a weekly night which was largely responsible for shaping the sound commonly known as Progressive House.

I previously posted a wonderful mix of their Sound System track by Underworld, but there were some other notables singles from these guys that are well worth having a listen to. There’s a biography of Charlie Hall over here and an interview with Lol Hammond in his capacity as music director for the movie ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’ over here for a bit more background on them.

U Make Me Feel So Good

Alchemy(Orbital Phasers on Stun) : Released on Guerilla Records, a sadly missed label and also a major force in the definition of the Progressive House sound of the time.

Drums Are Dangerous (303 Invades Seattle Mix)

Oscillate And Infiltrate (23 Steps To Heaven Mix)

Sound System(Cocodeepdub)

And for good measure, some remixes:

New Fast Automatic Daffodils – This Is Fascism(Drum Club Difference remix) : This is Fascism was a double album of various remixes of the New FAD’s cover of Consolidated’s This Is Fascism compiled and released as a benefit album. Discogs wrongly credits the album to Consolidated, but I don’t really want to start changing things over there least I spawn some sort of holy war. It was a difficult enough process getting a 12″ single I wrote up approved.

The Fall – Middle Class Revolt(Drum Club Orange In The Mouth remix) : I seem to be turning into the Internet’s main provider of dance remixes of The Fall. Ah.

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Exit 23(Drum Club remix)

Pop Will Eat Itself – Underbelly(Drum Club Bugsong remix)

Killing Joke – Millennium (23 Minutes To Midnight Mix) : Youth of Killing Joke was responsible for signing the Drum Club to his Big Life offshoot Butterfly Records along with contemporaries such as System 7 & Spiral Tribe.

Slab – Weather Smasher(Atom Smasher Andrew Weatherall remix) : Post Drum Club, Lol Hammond formed Slab with Nina Walsh and moved from the Progressive House sound of the Drum Club into the Big Beat ideaspace. I hate labelling genres, but grudgingly admit the descriptions do at least hint at the sound one might expect to hear.

Meat Beat Manifesto – Circles(Drum Club remix) : Supposedly the track Circles remixed by the Drum Club, although I can’t find any proof this one is real.

Drum Club items on ebay, relatively slim pickings and not helped by some muppet poisoning the listings by trying to sell sexy drum samples.

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

Moved. In little over nine months I’ve changed jobs, home and become a parent. I don’t think there is much else I can do this year to top that other than possible space exploration and I doubt that will happen any time soon after the chance was cruelly stolen from me by a newsagent.

Anyway, continuing on the theme of stuff that I’ve just found in a box of CDs and the parallel theme of overly long tracks, a track from The Joy featuring vocals from Denise Johnson, and a track from Denise Johnson featuring The Joy on remix duties – Rays of the Rising Sun(Heliocentric remix) and Shine(Hyperphoria Mix). Denise Johnson is most likely best remembered for her work with Primal Scream around the time of the Screamadelica album.

Her other works of some note that I should have posted but couldn’t quite find right now are with A Certain Ratio and Electronic as well as providing the vocals for Hypnotone’s Dream Beam, which I posted last year as part of the Short Film About Chilling post.

Denise Johnson items on ebay

BTW, I should point out that posts are kind of infrequent just now because my computer is broken and I need to find a couple of hours to perform some mac surgery.

A warning in advance, this is a long and rambling post so you might want to cut to the music at the bottom of the page.

Like most people my age, I’ve had the occasional hallucination here or there. The worst one was truly unsettling but not in a ‘my face is made of tiny demons that are eating the audio ashes of James Brown while I stare into the workings of the black sun machine’, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

I don’t get on well with nature, even simple things seem to end with disasterous results. Many years ago I moved into a cute little house, it was painted yellow outside and had had only one owner, it was previously a council property that was sold off to the resident for pennies. However, as a result of the woman being quite old and on her own, the garden had fallen into quite a state of disrepair.

I ignored it for the first year, as did our downstairs neighbour. They couldn’t care less about the shared garden area given that they had a fridge and a burnt out chip pan among the fauna in their half. Our bit had a broken Anderson shelter and some neglected rocks alongside the grass.

Eventually I was goaded into tackling the mess by my parents, my mother could see somewhere to plant things and my father liked manual labour. I was strongly encouraged to cut the grass, and I made a half hearted attempt at doing so before giving up and putting it off until the next day.

The next day comes, and to try and avoid a day of crushing inevitability I dig out the mower and extension cable and decide to get on with it. Even it is only for ten minutes before I throw the towel in again. I pull on the extension cord, but it’s stiff and I figure it’s just knotted and pull harder. And harder. And harder still. It gets to a point where I have cable wrapped around my should while I’m pulling on the rest, and then something yields. Unfortunately it is my lower back muscles that give in leaving my right arm quite the worse for wear and resulting in my inability to work for a couple of weeks.

After then nature and I decided we weren’t friends anymore. I couldn’t sleep well during this period save a coma brought about by too much vodka and even that was brief, I couldn’t play videogames to while away the time either owing to my mouse hand being out of order so I got to know the less visited Satellite TV channels very well. One night in particular the pay TV system failed, leaving all previously unavailable channels open for anyone to view.

Noticing this, I quickly realise the this means the porn channels must be free also, and make a beeline for the Adult Channel or whatever it was on Sky, thinking a pornucopia of naked women would be up for the lechering. However, UK TV porn is strangely neutered. You’re not actually allowed to show anything going in or out, and the dirty bits tend to remain just off camera or purely as shadow, so the whole experience is the opposite of erotic. When a jack the lad Englishman with a cockney accent turns up and throws a strangely stained mattress to the ground for a few minutes of someone’s back, it’s a strangely depressing experience that I can’t imagine anyone finds erotic, it’s quite unlike the animated butcher’s shop window experience of continental pornography that also seems kind of unerotic, but for different reasons. I ended up watching Blues Brothers 2000 instead that night, and it might actually be the worst movie ever made, but it was far more entertaining than the alternative.

Anyway, fast forward to about three years ago, I picked up a carrier bag full of shopping awkwardly, and throughout the rest of the day I feel a building pain in my side. I figure I’ve pulled on the war wound and try to shrug it off, but it does get to a crescendo of agony as I try various pain management remedies, all pretty much to no level of relief, with the exception of an infra-red lamp which seems to calm it down to an extent. I set it up about 3 inches from my side and sit with this bulb trained on myself. After a few hours I notice that I have a rather large spot on my side, and put this down to burning my skin so I turn the lamp off and resolve to visit the doctors in the coming days. The other side effect of course is the inability to sleep, but at least German TV shows the greatly relaxing Space Night.

Come Monday morning, my lack of sleep has me slightly bewildered and in need of a doctor, I see my usual one and she informs me I have shingles, which is well known as being extremely painful as it travels along the nerve endings and had the side effect of getting me some sort of morphine pain relief.

At least I had something that took the pain away, even if it was kind of still there. It seemed to have the effect of making me not care about the pain although it was still very much present. However, I was still finding it very difficult to sleep, so I thought a little nightcap of a vodka would help me with that.

It did and it didn’t. I did feel sleepy about an hour or so after that, but for a good 30 minutes I was in a stupendous drunken swimming pool point of view. Like walking through jelly and the sort of swooshing effect that you might see when someone is depicted as drunk on TV. Feeling really quite off colour I turn to my old night friend of television, and flick through the local channels pausing on one that displayed the local town square to see myself walking across the square towards the doctors office. If you’ve ever seen yourself on television, there’s no mistaking who it is. By this point I’ve hit a realisation that morphine + vodka = hallucinations + probable death, but the adrenaline rush from the fear anchors me back to reality and the subsequent endorphin flood puts me to sleep for a few restful hours while my mind tries to put itself back together.

The following evening I check the channel again and lo and behold there I am, so I open the vodka again knowing that if I find myself on the edge, it’s not going to be as weird as when the TV decided to try and freak me out.

This was originally going to be a couple of Lee Marrow tracks (PAIN/Moving), but it kind of ballooned a bit. The previous ramble was pain themed, this next part deals slightly with moving, although not in as much depth as the previous tale about the same subject.

I stayed in the same place for just over 7 years, but it did come time to move on and as such we found a new place that’s a new development in a slightly more rural area. As part of the move, I had to wait in the old apartment for the rental agency to come out and receive the keys from me. During the move a few items were left behind, so I decided to lift them after them move and attempt to find my way home using public means as I’ve never learned to drive. The handover is mostly OK, if long. Once it is over I pick up the bag of recycling and other bits and head out. I notice a couple of glasses that were gifted to us in the recycling bag and decide to keep these out, so now I have a bag of glasses as well to carry home.

At the end of the line, I get off the tram and start to walk along wanderweg, a trail I assume leads to the fussweg (footpath) which further leads to my home. This leads into the local forest, but I assume it breaks out later on towards the road. Five minutes later I slowly realise that I’m heading in the wrong direction and all I can hear are dogs barking and shotguns which makes me slightly paranoid that I’ve wandering into a farmer’s field. I can hear cars on the road I’m looking for, and as the only out way of the forest seems to be up a steep incline composed of wet mud, I decide I have to run up this to get to the top. This would be difficult as the best of times with a bag of glasses and other items, but I don’t have only this to contend with. I also have a set of stepladders to try and ascend the climb with. The only positive aspect is that I pretty much always wear boots, so at least I had some grip for this trial. Suffice to say, I won’t be commuting in future via this path.

Anyway, here are some things that I found while unpacking.

Audioweb – Sleeper(Weatherall remix)

Lee Marrow – Pain

Lee Marrow – Moving(Pain)

Ragga Twins – Wipe The Needle

Adam Freeland – Fear(Rez version) : Reposted to celebrate the re-release of the wonderful Sega game Rez on Xbox Live. This is the in game version, which differs from the version on the Gamer’s Guide to Rez soundtrack album.

Moodswings – Spiritual High (Parts 1-3)

Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm(Way Out West remix)

BBG – Snappiness(Evolution)

The Streets – Weak Become Heroes(Royksopps Memory Lane remix)