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Only one* track today, but clocking in at just a touch over 35 minutes it’s a bit of a monster.

Gravitational Arch of 10 by Vapourspace (aka Mark Gage also responsible for Rex Me Fecu, one of my favourites from the Volume Trance series) is the sort of track for which the word sprawling was invented. Comprising 7 mixes recombined into one, it’s an interesting journey. While looking for some more information on the track, I found someone suggesting that title was supposed to be Gravitational Arch of IO, which I think makes a bit more sense, but I’m neither an astronomy geek nor a mathematical marvel, so I can’t argue the point one way or the other. It has the same sort of feel as the journey through the Solar System suggested by the KLF Communications album, Space.

  1. Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Original)
  2. Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Coleman Horn & Fred Giannelli’s Telepathic Gravitation v2.1 remix)
  3. Gravitational Arch Of 10 (John Acquaviva’s Anti Gravity One remix)
  4. Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Fred Giannelli Telepathic Gravitation v1.3 remix)
  5. Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Vapourspace’s + Energy > Magic remix)
  6. Gravitational Arch Of 10 (John Acquaviva’s Anti Gravity Two remix)
  7. Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Mark Ryan’s Vapour Treatment remix)


* Well, not really. I can’t post a track of this length without one-upping myself with one slightly longer, and I can’t really mention Space without adding that.

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