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This was originally intended as a companion piece to the earlier Orb post, but for some reason I forgot about it and now it’s 6 months later so probably a good time to dust up the post and push it out there into the limelight while I try to exorcise some of my drafts.

Anyway, this post was intended to showcase some of the more interesting remixes by The Orb.

Semisonic – Secret Smile(Orb Morning After remix) : Cheeky overhaul of alt rockers that I don’t ever remember hearing anything else from, but it seems that they are fairly popular and have released a few albums. I guess they just aren’t that popular in Europe as they seem to have passed me by completely.

The Cranberries – Zombie : Horrific source material, but thankfully it’s participation is somewhat reduced in this remix. Speaking of which…

David A. Stewart & Candy Dulfer – Lily Was Here (Orbital Space Centre) : I think I’m having a bad tag day, let me see what I can do to sort this out.

Serge Gainsbourg – Requiem pour une c… : There, that’s a bit better.

System 7 – Miracle (Orb remix) : Still one of my favourite Orb remixes to this day.

The Grid – Crystal Clear (Clear, Like An Unmuddied Lake). One of my favourite Grid tracks as well, I had this on nice clear vinyl only for a colleague to leave it leaning against a lamp, resulting in a lovely brown spot and an unplayable record.


I seem to remember another clear vinyl of this time was the Revolting Cocks – D’Ya Think I’m Sexy(or maybe it was Physical?), which also had a plastic sealed sleeve with a substance resembling KY Jelly. That one burst in the record box.

Sun Electric – O’Locco : There are eight Orb remixes of this track.

Gut – Lane – Firething (Orb remix) : Gudrun Gut & Anita Lane.

Marathon – Movin'(Orbital Ambientapella Live) : Early Thomas Fehlmann project borrowing from the previously mentioned Cuba Gooding Sr. – Happiness Is Just Around The Bend, which was also appropriated by Nightmares On Wax for Aftermath. Apologies for the scratchy vinyl as it is an old rip and I’m not even sure I still have the source.

Spectre – Spectre Overseas (Orbjects, Overseas & Oceans).

Suzuki K1 >> 7.5cc – Satellite Serenade(Transasianexpress Mix) : Well, I think that’s the right mix. I had a massive tagging accident with a lot of my mp3s a couple of years ago, and I’ve had to reconstruct some as best guesses. Suzuki in this case is Keiichi Suzuki.

And that’s enough for now. I think I’ll continue with this post in a future update as it’s already creaking at the sides.

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