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A loosely themed Happy Mondays post today then, for no reason other than the final track listed today was going through my head. Owing to it’s general dreadfulness it’s a surprise that I’m not driven half mental by it and talking to myself. Or writing for an audience beyond the fourth wall. Oh.

Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe – Sunworshippers(Steve Anderson remix) : Discogs has this listed as The Eye of Heaven, not Sun Worshippers, so I’m not entirely certain what track this is. Steve Anderson is/was a DMC remixer, and is possibly better known for his own releases as part of Brothers In Rhythm, Brothers Love Dubs & Creative Thieves. DMC is one of those subjects I’d like to go further into detail about one day, but sourcing the content for that one is going to be rather tricky.

Happy Mondays – Loose Fix(sic)(Perfecto remix) : Again, some confusion on my part as this was credited as a Perfecto remix, but the original track was produced by Oakenfold & Osbourne and named Loose Fit. Loose Fix was the Grid remix 12″ issued seperately.

Jesus Jones – Zeroes and Ones(Prodigy remix) : It’s kind of odd thinking back to when Jesus Jones were hip and edgy for all of 2 minutes for the middle section of Info Freako.

Happy Mondays – Hallelujah(Deadstock remix) : Promo only remix of Hallelujah by Deadstock, who for some reason seem to have pretty much ignored throughout their releases, and are likely only memorable to a few for the fact they were featured on one of the Trance Europe Express sets.

The Stone Roses – I am the Resurrection(Jon Carter remix) : So if I’m going to mention the Happy Mondays, it’s only fair to mention the flip side of them in Grumpy Young Man’s Stone Roses. Amateurs!

Public Image Limited – Warrior (Dave Dorrell remix) : Again, I’d like to go into some detail where possible about Dave Dorrell and CJ Mackintosh, but as with DMC it’s not easy finding certain things. Twitch of Glasgow’s Optimo once said he had dumped a bunch of rave era discs in a landfill, and I have to assume there were a load of similar scenarios across the country. It’s possible that future generations will stumble across pockets of 12″ singles in future and invent a car that runs on Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo.

Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart(Kenlou B-Boy remix) : aka Kenny Gonzalez & Louie Vega aka Masters At Work.

Karl Denver – Wimoweh 89 : Inexplicably drafted by the Mondays for additional vocals on Lazyitis (One Armed Boxer) as part of their rehabilitation scheme (See also Donovan), Karl Denver goes on to re-record his 1961 hit with new backing from the Hacienda resident Graeme Park & Mike ‘M People’ Pickering. The results are thoroughly bewildering. Mike Pickering was responsible for one of the first British house music compilations with a record called North.


However, on closer inspection it was found that it was 7/8th’s Mike Pickering and pals working under alias, and 1/8th A Guy Called Gerald.

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