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So, as mentioned late last year, the Stereo MC’s. I think I picked up their debut 33-45-78 when I was younger due to having noticed the involvement of Cesare after his scratching on some JAMMs/KLF records. I imagine everyone remembers Connected, so no real point in me posting that and I’d rather concentrate on a number of remixes from some likely subjects:

Creation (Slam Vocal) : According to a one time DJ friend, this was banned by the Stereo MC’s from release for being too dance oriented.

Step It Up(Leftfield Stereo Field Dub) : Another one I’d rate highly in Leftfield’s remixography.

Disconnected : Alternative take of the Jimmy “Bo” Horne : Let Me sampling Connected.

Deep Down and Dirty(Jon Carter Basement mix)

We Belong In This World Together(Chocolate Puma remix)

Everything (Sabres of Paradise Everything Grooves Part 2) : I can’t seem to find Part 1, although I did see it at HTFR on a promo double pack along with a Sabres on Main Street remix which sounds intriguing.

Tomorrow Never Knows(Vocal) : An unexpected cover version.

Also, I can’t really mention the Stereo MC’s without also drawing attention to their excellent work as Ultimatum, in-house remixers for 4th & Broadway, and in particular for The Jungle Brothers : Because I Got It Like That.

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy : Television, The Drug of a Nation(Ultimatum remix)

Stereo MC’s on ebay, but still no sign of that FSOL remix of Connected.

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