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Updates will be kind of sporadic over this month as I’m preparing to move house in a few weeks, but I’ll try to keep up. If I disappear for an extended period, assume I’ve been crushed under a mountain of CDs that fell over while in transit.

Just a quick post to share something I found earlier today that I really didn’t expect to see again, the KLF/JAMMs press releases that were sometimes shipped with orders from their store as it was.


The first one, handwritten by Bill Drummond, photocopied and inserted into the sleeve for Who Killed The JAMMs(I think) is the one I particularly remember from 20 years ago, but the rest are interesting as a time capsule of the greatest band that ever existed.

I don’t know if they were ever posted elsewhere as my searching proved inconclusive, but I found the following admittance to a very interesting bit of subterfuge by Strictly Kev & Mr Trick that JAMMs/KLF fans might enjoy over here.

KLF vs The Pet Shop Boys : So Hard(KLF remix)

KLF vs The Pet Shop Boys : It Must Be Obvious(UFO remix)

KLF items on ebay

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