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Tackhead in the area!

I’d suggest reading in full the article about Tackhead at discogs to get the story of the band, but in short they were the members of the Sugarhill house band who then met with Keith LeBlanc and started recording as Fats Comet, Tackhead and also as Mark Stewart’s backing band, the Maffia. Soon afterwards they took on the vocalist Bernard Fowler ex of NYC Peech Boys.

They are a band that really excelled at live shows, and the music committed to vinyl is perhaps a bit weak compared to the mighty live showing, but there’s still a passion in the sound that hasn’t really been approached by many others.

And this is only a tiny sampling, not covering the stuff such as Little Annie. Or African Head Charge. Or Jesse Rae. Or Barmy Army. Or Dub Syndicate. etc… have a look at the artist list over at Skysaw to get an idea of the breadth of this collective. That said, here are a few tracks I have particularly fond memories of, but this is by no means comprehensive. I did have some other stuff looked out, but my HDD went bang and I’m booting off an old iPod these days without a lot of space for ripping vinyl again.

Keith LeBlanc : No Sell Out

Tackhead : The Game (featuring Brian Moore)

Gary Clail’s Tackhead Sound System : Man In A Suitcase

Tackhead : Dangerous Sex (Melle Mel rap)

Bocca Juniors : Raise(63 Steps to Heaven)(Tackhead Dubhead remix)

Gary Clail’s Sound System : Beef(12″ Future remix)

What’s my mission now?