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Hooray, it’s Hogmanay! When I were a lad, we would usually partake in the traditional Scottish pursuit of drinking so much that you would lose several hours of the night, or partying our faces off at somewhere like the Art School or Club 69 in Paisley. It’s not really something I can get away with these days and the Swiss aren’t really folk that seem to let themselves go with the party vibe in the same way as the Scots are wont to do. In Scotland you go out visiting after midnight and spend the night drinking whereas the Swiss go to the fireworks around 11PM and then retire home for a muesli nightcap. Or maybe they are just as capable of the same shenanigans and I’ve just never been to the right parties.

The JAMMs – Burn The Bastards : Fast forward to 4:08 or thereabouts for Dirty Den’s New Year speech from what was presumably the 1987 Eastenders New Year show.

Jimi Hendrix – Festive Medley : For Jimi’s take on Auld Lang Syne from about 3 minutes in.

Unique 3 – The Theme (Unique remix) : As requested earlier.

Right, I’m off to adhere to a national stereotype and drink myself foolish.

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