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Can I make a couple more requests of you…..Can you come up with anything by Diana Brown and Barry K. Sharpe…great groundbeat sound and had a few great tracks out! Also looking for Vinnie Reilly Together remix. These songs bring back memories of weekends at The Tunnel in Glasgow early ninties….Cheers Bigman.

I do remember Diana Brown and Barry K. Sharpe, in particular The Masterplan especially as the guitar lick is pretty close to that used by TC 1992’s Funky Guitar. I don’t seem to remember Vini Reilly – The Together mix all that well. Anyway, I wanted to mention a brief few notes about The Tunnel myself.

It was originally a Colin Barr joint, a man for whom Glasgow was a Monopoly Board. He owned a number of venues and bars across the city, and must have made a few bob. I was particularly fond of the Republic Bier Halle before I left the UK, and previous to this had worked directly above the Living Room which was quite handy of a Friday evening as I could leave the office at 5PM and be in the pub for 5.01.

Back to The Tunnel, most people of my era would probably recount the design of the toilets. The urinals were against a wall with water running down it continually recycling and occasionally soaking the head of those foolish enough to rest their heads against the wall while slightly the worse for wear. The other notable feature was the DJ cage, quite ahead of it’s time compared to other Glasgow discos with the racks of EQs and other equipment.

I wasn’t a big fan of the venue personally, not really my kind of place to be honest but I remember going to see the Stereo MCs there once, and that is who I was going to post a few tracks from, but I’m going to put that one off for a few weeks as I seem to have misplaced a couple of items and really need to find them before posting that which I plan to.

Also, on this note does anyone have the Future Sound of London remix of Connected? I see it was a promo only release, but I’m not eager to spend 100 dollars on it from an Italian with a dodgy reputation on Gemm.

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