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It’s kind of hard to do a year end round up when I haven’t posted anything that was actually from this year other than the Autechre remix of Unique 3 – The Theme, and even then it’s a reworking of an old track. So by default I guess that’s my track of the year. Maybe that or the Dubfire remix of Plastikman – Spastik. Both of which are very respectful of the originals, but bring them up to date through subtle tweaking.

Anyway, other recommendations for tracks that may have been overlooked at the time of their original posting: The Sabres of ParadiseThe Theme(SOP vs. Underdog) & Justin Warfield – Live From The Opium Den(David Holmes remix) (from a David Holmes post).


Also, as per request. I don’t think I actually got round to posting this previously; Urban Hype – A Trip To Trumpton.

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