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Continuing the less read posts of June, today Underworld.

Underworld existed a long time ago as Freur, but I never knew of them. I first heard “Mmm, Skyscraper I Love You” on John Peel’s radio show late one night and was transfixed by it as something that was post ambient house, but still very much in that vein. The band at that time were joined by wunderkind DJ Darren Emerson who brought a depth to them that wasn’t there, and the first album from this line up (dubnobasswithmyheadman) was a revelation in sound to me, like hearing De La Soul or Fingers Inc. for the first time.

Even though the lyrics were mostly nonsense, the entire package was great fun. I did go to see them play at the Barrowlands, but made the mistake of going to see them with someone that thought we were going raving and wanted a pill filled time instead of going with my music appreciating friend instead. So we left. Probably during a live set from Slam or similar.

I did eventually experience a Darren Emerson DJ set at the Sub Club one night, but that was the right context for that sort of thing. The Barrowlands is a concert venue, not a club.

The other memory attached to Underworld is about a girl. Again. Being fairly visible in my circle of friends at that time, I think I was suckered into helping someone out of their relationship. I liked her at the time as we had a good rapport but I may have been taken in by her big green eyes*. She wanted a snog outside of Burger King at Queen Street Station, in a well lit area that was passed every night by the boyfriend she was trying to shake off. Yeah. We talked often on the phone, but she would disappear easily and fob me off with crappy excuses whenever we would try to meet and eventually I just stopped talking to her.

I had written Underworld off when Emerson left the band as I felt 100 Days Off was kind of lacklustre, but the recents 3 EPs stuff is great. Peggy Sussed is such a great track, and although it may be the production of Pete Heller that helps here it’s definately my favourite piece by them for a long time.

Leftfield – Song of Life (Underworld Lemon Interupt remix)

Lemon Interupt – Minneapolis

Cowgirl (Winjer)

Bruce Lee (The Micronauts remix)

Dogman Go Woof

King of Snake(Ashley Beedle’s Save Our Disco re-edit)

Peggy Sussed (Pete Heller dub)

Pearl’s Girl (Carp Dreams…Koi)

Born Slippy.TEL EMATIC

Mmm, Skyscraper I Love You (Jam Scraper)

Underworld items on ebay.

* Tits.

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