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Due to some laziness on my part, I’m going to resurrect some of the older posts I’ve made and polish them up a bit. First up, The Aloof.

Formed in the early 90s; their debut single was based around samples of Apocalypse Now and was originally only a white label. Demand led to it being issued on Pete Tong’s ffrr records and after a couple of particularly dancefloor oriented singles, the singer Ricky Barrow was added to the line up and they grew into more of a live band. They found some popularity with the indie crowds and almost broke into the charts with One Night Stand, but they didn’t find the same success as peers such as Underworld or Leftfield.

Yet another band that just didn’t seem to get the acclaim they really deserved, although some of the blame can probably be addressed to their label EastWest Records and their odd handling of their dance division.

Members of which went on to greater success as members of the Sabres of Paradise and Red Snapper.

Never Get Out The Boat (Flying? remix maybe. I can’t remember.)

On A Mission (Fabi Paras remix)

One Night Stand(Ashley Beedle remix)

Purity(DOP 0h Yeah remix)

Favelas(Slam remix)

Bittersweet (Lemon In The House)

Wish You Were Here(Postcards From The Edge)

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