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Hooray, it’s Hogmanay! When I were a lad, we would usually partake in the traditional Scottish pursuit of drinking so much that you would lose several hours of the night, or partying our faces off at somewhere like the Art School or Club 69 in Paisley. It’s not really something I can get away with these days and the Swiss aren’t really folk that seem to let themselves go with the party vibe in the same way as the Scots are wont to do. In Scotland you go out visiting after midnight and spend the night drinking whereas the Swiss go to the fireworks around 11PM and then retire home for a muesli nightcap. Or maybe they are just as capable of the same shenanigans and I’ve just never been to the right parties.

The JAMMs – Burn The Bastards : Fast forward to 4:08 or thereabouts for Dirty Den’s New Year speech from what was presumably the 1987 Eastenders New Year show.

Jimi Hendrix – Festive Medley : For Jimi’s take on Auld Lang Syne from about 3 minutes in.

Unique 3 – The Theme (Unique remix) : As requested earlier.

Right, I’m off to adhere to a national stereotype and drink myself foolish.

The masterplan

Can I make a couple more requests of you…..Can you come up with anything by Diana Brown and Barry K. Sharpe…great groundbeat sound and had a few great tracks out! Also looking for Vinnie Reilly Together remix. These songs bring back memories of weekends at The Tunnel in Glasgow early ninties….Cheers Bigman.

I do remember Diana Brown and Barry K. Sharpe, in particular The Masterplan especially as the guitar lick is pretty close to that used by TC 1992’s Funky Guitar. I don’t seem to remember Vini Reilly – The Together mix all that well. Anyway, I wanted to mention a brief few notes about The Tunnel myself.

It was originally a Colin Barr joint, a man for whom Glasgow was a Monopoly Board. He owned a number of venues and bars across the city, and must have made a few bob. I was particularly fond of the Republic Bier Halle before I left the UK, and previous to this had worked directly above the Living Room which was quite handy of a Friday evening as I could leave the office at 5PM and be in the pub for 5.01.

Back to The Tunnel, most people of my era would probably recount the design of the toilets. The urinals were against a wall with water running down it continually recycling and occasionally soaking the head of those foolish enough to rest their heads against the wall while slightly the worse for wear. The other notable feature was the DJ cage, quite ahead of it’s time compared to other Glasgow discos with the racks of EQs and other equipment.

I wasn’t a big fan of the venue personally, not really my kind of place to be honest but I remember going to see the Stereo MCs there once, and that is who I was going to post a few tracks from, but I’m going to put that one off for a few weeks as I seem to have misplaced a couple of items and really need to find them before posting that which I plan to.

Also, on this note does anyone have the Future Sound of London remix of Connected? I see it was a promo only release, but I’m not eager to spend 100 dollars on it from an Italian with a dodgy reputation on Gemm.

Mistletoe and Winos

A couple of requested tracks, a few things I’ve found while digging and some previously posted items that I think may merit some interest. All this and more on a not particularly festive Audio.Out.

For Brian, who is the first person to call me bigman in an age. I must admit some ignorance with the Awesome 3 track, but DJ H featuring Stefy is an old track I remember well that I would have been hard pushed to name.

DJ H featuring Stefy – Think About.

Awesome 3 – Hard Up(Hard Core mix)

Things what I found earlier today.

Brandon Cook featuring Roxanne Shante – Sharp As A Knife.

Stone Roses – Fools Gold(Guy Called Gerald remix)

PWEI vs. On-U – Bulletproof(Mile High)

Westworld – Sonic Boom Boy.

And to finish, a couple of old features. Remember, most of the previously posted content is available again until the end of the year, so fill yer boots.

Lil’ Louis – Nyce and Slo (The Luv Bug). From an earlier Lil’ Louis post

Adamski – Back To Front (Leftfield Love It Dub). From an earlier Leftfield post.

Coldcut featuring Tim Bran – Realise(Boss Attacks). From an earlier Coldcut post.

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

It’s kind of hard to do a year end round up when I haven’t posted anything that was actually from this year other than the Autechre remix of Unique 3 – The Theme, and even then it’s a reworking of an old track. So by default I guess that’s my track of the year. Maybe that or the Dubfire remix of Plastikman – Spastik. Both of which are very respectful of the originals, but bring them up to date through subtle tweaking.

Anyway, other recommendations for tracks that may have been overlooked at the time of their original posting: The Sabres of ParadiseThe Theme(SOP vs. Underdog) & Justin Warfield – Live From The Opium Den(David Holmes remix) (from a David Holmes post).


Also, as per request. I don’t think I actually got round to posting this previously; Urban Hype – A Trip To Trumpton.

End of year blow out extravaganza

To round out the year, I’ve reinstated almost everything that was posted here over the last six months. Stuff that was posted solely to sendspace et al. isn’t there, but if there is some demand I’ll dig those up for anyone interested.

In particular I’d recommend the music of Renegade Soundwave (especially The Phantom) & Pop Will Eat Itself (Can U Dig It? 12 inch House mix) if you’re not familiar with the tracks posted, and I’ll spend the next few days trying to highlight some other ones I think are worth revisiting from what I posted this year.

Maybe this will appease whoever it is that is hammering me for the JZJ remixes of Chime. Also, if I start getting inundated with download accelerators, I’ll be dabbling with the .htaccess file.

Thirty thousand feet above the earth.

Continuing the less read posts of June, today Underworld.

Underworld existed a long time ago as Freur, but I never knew of them. I first heard “Mmm, Skyscraper I Love You” on John Peel’s radio show late one night and was transfixed by it as something that was post ambient house, but still very much in that vein. The band at that time were joined by wunderkind DJ Darren Emerson who brought a depth to them that wasn’t there, and the first album from this line up (dubnobasswithmyheadman) was a revelation in sound to me, like hearing De La Soul or Fingers Inc. for the first time.

Even though the lyrics were mostly nonsense, the entire package was great fun. I did go to see them play at the Barrowlands, but made the mistake of going to see them with someone that thought we were going raving and wanted a pill filled time instead of going with my music appreciating friend instead. So we left. Probably during a live set from Slam or similar.

I did eventually experience a Darren Emerson DJ set at the Sub Club one night, but that was the right context for that sort of thing. The Barrowlands is a concert venue, not a club.

The other memory attached to Underworld is about a girl. Again. Being fairly visible in my circle of friends at that time, I think I was suckered into helping someone out of their relationship. I liked her at the time as we had a good rapport but I may have been taken in by her big green eyes*. She wanted a snog outside of Burger King at Queen Street Station, in a well lit area that was passed every night by the boyfriend she was trying to shake off. Yeah. We talked often on the phone, but she would disappear easily and fob me off with crappy excuses whenever we would try to meet and eventually I just stopped talking to her.

I had written Underworld off when Emerson left the band as I felt 100 Days Off was kind of lacklustre, but the recents 3 EPs stuff is great. Peggy Sussed is such a great track, and although it may be the production of Pete Heller that helps here it’s definately my favourite piece by them for a long time.

Leftfield – Song of Life (Underworld Lemon Interupt remix)

Lemon Interupt – Minneapolis

Cowgirl (Winjer)

Bruce Lee (The Micronauts remix)

Dogman Go Woof

King of Snake(Ashley Beedle’s Save Our Disco re-edit)

Peggy Sussed (Pete Heller dub)

Pearl’s Girl (Carp Dreams…Koi)

Born Slippy.TEL EMATIC

Mmm, Skyscraper I Love You (Jam Scraper)

Underworld items on ebay.

* Tits.

Yet another excess

Revisting an old post again, today the turn of my favourite Swiss musicians Yello.

I first visited Switzerland in 1987 as a member of a scouting troop. I was about to turn 16, and the ability to buy and consume a beer was quite something. My drinking companions weren’t the most dynamic of folk though. One was the DJ fellow I mentioned before with the father who loved explosions, one was notorious for having drunk a bottle of bleach and having a father who built an Elvis shrine at home and the other guy was kind of dull, not just in comparison. I don’t think I was really on my best behaviour either as I seem to remember cutting the Lacoste logo from someone’s prized shirt in what was most likely a traumatic experience for them. If that’s you, I’m sorry. Children are cruel, especially with an audience goading you on.

Anyway, the things I remember in particular about this country were the chocolate, the watches, the exotic flavours of crisps and the pornography. I bought my first Swatch here, browsing a Swatch museum seems to indicate it would be Jelly Fish as shown below.


It reminds me of times in white jackets and bad fashions. My own sadly.

Also, it’s kind of odd the memories than an image like this brings back. I remember this watch very well, and remember taking it apart when it eventually failed. I remember the hands sitting in a bowl of thumbtacks I had for no reason other than I never got round to throwing them in the bin and still felt some attachment to the watch. It was the first one I bought with my own money.

Coming back to Switzerland 13 years later, the Swatches are still all over the place, the chocolate is still awesome if that’s your thing. The flavours of crisps haven’t changed as Paprika is pretty much the only one available and the pornography is still easily available. My 15 year old self was transfixed by the magazine at the train station all those years ago. I couldn’t believe you could name a magazine Pussy and have a completely naked woman on the front. The staff at the station eventually got wise to the troop walking in to buy chocolate and staring at the pornography and moved that magazine out of sight. I still get ocassionally distracted by the covers of porn if I need to go to the kiosk for anything as they don’t seem at all concerned about nakedness on display.

There’s a sketch in the Glaswegian comedy show Chewin’ The Fat where a couple of small boys are at an Ice Cream van and when asked if they want anything else, one says “He says gonnae gies a swatch a yer fanny.” And they remain there all day, astonished by what they have just seen.

Oh Yeah (Remixed by Ralphi Rosario)

The Race (The Pits remix by Derek May(sic))

The Race 2003(Tomcraft on Yello remix)

Bostich (Reese Respect remix)

Bostich (Westbam Rush Push remix)

Planet Dada (Akufen Delta Panda remix)

How How (Fluke Brown Cow remix)

Tied Up (In African Beats)

Unbelievable (David Morales remix)

Vicious Games (The Grid’s Hands On Yello)

Vicious Games(Hardfloor Club remix)

Yello items on ebay.


Incredible Bongo Band – Apache

Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks

Bob James – Take Me To the Mardi Gras

Stanley Turrentine – Sister Sanctified

Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip

Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band – Scorpio

Thin Lizzy – Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed

Herman Kelly & Life – Dance To the Drummer’s Beat

Lyn Collins – Think

James Brown – Funky Drummer, Payback, Funky President.

JBs’ The Grunt.

History Repeating Redux

Continuing in the theme of resurrecting older posts that didn’t get many readers, today a few tracks from The Associates.

Stolen from wikipedia as I don’t really want to write too much about the subject and someone invariably already has gone into great detail. I was interested to read about Alan Rankine working at Stow College as I was there in 1987-1991 or thereabout as a day release engineering course. It wasn’t very interesting comparatively and involved too many old suit jacketed men talking about stress and strain and being very serious about it all.

MacKenzie and Rankine met in Dundee in 1976 and formed the cabaret duo The Ascorbic Ones, in 1979 they changed their name to The Associates and recorded their debut single a cover of David Bowie’s Boys Keep Swinging. Their version attracted a good deal of attention, not least from David Bowie, as it was released before Bowie’s version. A string of highly regarded singles were released and two albums The Affectionate Punch and Fourth Drawer Down.

The band’s breakthrough came in 1982 with the release of the single Party Fears Two, buoyed along by the popularity of synthpop at the time, the song made #9 on the UK singles chart. Two other hits soon followed, 18 Carat Love Affair, and Club Country. That year the band released what is widely regarded as their masterpiece Sulk, an album which exacted comparisons with Brian Wilson’s production style.

Alan Rankine left the band in 1982 just before the Sulk Tour. This proved disastrous in terms of the bands career, in particular as the band were being actively courted by Seymour Stein who thought they could become massive stars in the USA. Billy MacKenzie continued to write and record music under the Associates banner until 1990 and then under his own name (see Outernational in 1992). However without the guiding hand of Rankine, recordings were sporadic and arguably failed to reach the majesty or inventiveness of his earlier work. True to the original band’s name, he never stopped working and writing music with other “associates”, either for himself or guest-starring in other artists’ albums with always stunning lead or backing vocals.

Lead singer Billy MacKenzie, became renowned for his dramatic vocal style, and he achieved a cult following, eventually becoming involved with Swiss avant garde outfit Yello. During his tenure with Yello he wrote the lyrics of the song “The Rhythm Divine” performed by Shirley Bassey on the album One Second, with MacKenzie also doing backing vocals.

MacKenzie was also a close friend of Morrissey for several years, and is reported to be the subject of The Smiths’ song “William, It Was Really Nothing”. (Furthering the rumours, the Associates subsequently recorded a song entitled “Stephen, You Were Really Something”.)

Billy MacKenzie committed suicide in 1997 aged 39, after suffering from clinical depression. He was contemplating a comeback at the time with material co-written mostly with Scottish musician Steve Aungle. The albums Beyond the Sun (1997) and Eurocentric (2000) were released posthumously and re-constructed (and expanded with new unreleased songs) in 2004 into two albums: Auchtermatic and Transmission Impossible.

Alan Rankine is now a lecturer in music at Stow College in Glasgow, and worked with Belle & Sebastian on their debut album, Tigermilk in 1996. A book “The Glamour Chase” by Tom Doyle, documents the band’s career and MacKenzie’s subsequent life.


Billy Mackenzie had one of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard. I came to his work kind of backwards as a Yello CD was one of the first CD Singles I purchased and I quickly made my way through their work, stumbling upon Billy’s voice through this.

Boys Keep Swinging

Party Fears Two

Club Country Club

Club Country 12 inch remix

Club Country (Dakyene remix)

Heart of Glass(Auchterhouse remix)

Just Can’t Say Goodbye(Time Unlimited remix)

Love Hangover

White Car In Germany

Apollo 440 – Pain In Any Language

Yello – The Rhythm Divine(Billy Mackenzie vocal)

The Associates items on ebay.

Unless you’re going all the way

Due to some laziness on my part, I’m going to resurrect some of the older posts I’ve made and polish them up a bit. First up, The Aloof.

Formed in the early 90s; their debut single was based around samples of Apocalypse Now and was originally only a white label. Demand led to it being issued on Pete Tong’s ffrr records and after a couple of particularly dancefloor oriented singles, the singer Ricky Barrow was added to the line up and they grew into more of a live band. They found some popularity with the indie crowds and almost broke into the charts with One Night Stand, but they didn’t find the same success as peers such as Underworld or Leftfield.

Yet another band that just didn’t seem to get the acclaim they really deserved, although some of the blame can probably be addressed to their label EastWest Records and their odd handling of their dance division.

Members of which went on to greater success as members of the Sabres of Paradise and Red Snapper.

Never Get Out The Boat (Flying? remix maybe. I can’t remember.)

On A Mission (Fabi Paras remix)

One Night Stand(Ashley Beedle remix)

Purity(DOP 0h Yeah remix)

Favelas(Slam remix)

Bittersweet (Lemon In The House)

Wish You Were Here(Postcards From The Edge)

The Aloof items on ebay.