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A brief diversion while I muster up the energy to keep going through the Deep Heat series, this time it’s the turn of the Warehouse Raves series from Rumour Records. Again, a nice snapshot of music of the time, but where this one varies from Deep Heat is that it is focused on full versions of tracks

Starlight – Numero Uno : As previously mentioned, this is from the wave of Italian sourced house that washed over the UK led by Daniele Davoli aka DJ Lelewel. Other notable releases from Daniele and his extended family are Wood Allen – Airport ’89 and the Mixmaster – Grand Piano both of which I was particularly fond of for some reason and another, more famous release which made extensive use of the following track.

Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation (Special Dutch House Mix) : Wonderfully produced Dan Hartman track in which Loleatta sings “You’re Right On Time” and the Groove Groove Melody team mishear this as “Ride On Time” and launch a furore over sampling leading to the original version of the 12″ being pulled from the shelves and replaced with a soundalike vocal labelled as a remix to ensure continuous chart eligibility.

I can’t mention Dan Hartman & Loleatta Holloway without posting my own particular favourite collaboration of theirs Vertigo/Relight My Fire, unfortunately most folk are likely familiar with it from it’s recent Take That and Lulu incarnation and that version misses off Vertigo which is quite frankly a crime.

Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings Of Life (Piano mix) : I could post this every day, it’s a perennial favourite and has never sounded dated.

Illusion – Why Can’t We Live Together? : Originally by Timmy Thomas, remixed by Danny Rampling.

Brooklyn Express – Sixty-Nine : I suppose this is kind of a mashup/remix, combining elements of Jimmy “Bo” Horne – Spank & Grey And Hanks – Dancin’.

Warehouse Raves on ebay.


Lisa M – Rock To The Beat : An oddly vocal rendition of the Reese & Santonio track. Reese of course being Kevin Saunderson. By volume 3 of these compilations some of the tracks are rather odd choices, and are probably appearing due to low cost licensing to fill out some space.

Tony Scott – That’s How I’m Living : Previously mentioned in my confused state.

Razette – Ready 4 Love : In a similar fashion to the previous Der Erdbeermund/Cherry Lips tracks, this is an answer track of sorts to Raze’s Break For Love with suspicious French vocals. This record unnerves me for some reason, the sort of feeling of spotting a used condom in the street.

Lake Eerie – Sex 4 Days, with Frankie Bones & Tommy Musto making use of Baby Ford’s Oochy Koochy among other elements over some looped vocal gasps. Another Bones/Musto track appears on here under the guise of Voodoo Doll which I posted last week, as well as A Guy Called Gerald’s Voodoo Ray, the track which inspired it.

Double Trouble and The Rebel MC – Just Keep Rockin’ : Horribly disposable pop/rap, but for all his sins against ears in 1988 The Rebel MC made good with Black Meaning Good laying down a musical blueprint based on Dub, Techno and Breakbeats that would ultimately help birth the sound of Jungle. Also, he remixed Bob Marley’s Exodus pretty well. On the other hand, Double Trouble seemed to disappear into the ether and are probably running a chip shop or playing at Butlins. * I’ve since been informed otherwise, so my levity here is kind of unnecessary given the circumstances.

Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock – Joy and Pain : Further Hip House silliness from the prototype Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, this time over a backing originally provided by Maze.

Arnold Jarvis – Take Some Time Out : Possibly better know for the vocals on the Satoshi Tomiie/Frankie Knuckles collaboration And I Loved You, Arnold has a vocal style not a million miles from the perhaps better known Knuckles/Tomiie collaborator Robert Owens.

Capella – Helyom Halib : Probably well remembered for the Work It To The Bone sample shared with the titular LNR track, this heralded an invasion of Italo House that never really relented.

Rhythim Is Rhythim – Beyond The Dance : At the time this seemed such an odd choice as it’s really quite a thoughful and deep track in comparison to the rest and a nice surprise at the end. Having this right at the end really makes me wonder if anyone thought the running order as going from Ready 4 Love to Women Beat Their Men to Joy And Pain does suggest a badly imagined play list.

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