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It’s my long held belief that celebrities really shouldn’t be making music. by way of proof, I present to you Steven Seagal : Strut from his album Song from Crystal Castles or whatever it was called. It’s pretty special.

Anyway, on to Deep Heat 9, I’m not going to bother with the majority of the tracklisting, as it is available as always over at discogs. Also, I’ve posted a few tracks that are on this already and don’t really want to repeat myself.

First track of some note, Project 1 – Ferrari, The Homeboy of A Homeboy, A Hippie and A Funki Dred, sampling A Guy Called Gerald : Specific Hate, also a _bit_ of a rip off of Shut Up and Dance : Lamborghini. Which is probably a hint from the title.

MC Tunes featuring some schoolkids : Primary Rhyming. I bought this. It was a pound, but even then I can’t really excuse myself.

Run DMC – What’s It All About? – Sampling Alfie & the Stone Roses. Probably not really the highlight of Run DMC’s career, see also their Ghostbusters theme.

The Scientist – The Bee : I’ve spent most of this week playing Super Mario Galaxy while ill.

The Farm – All Together Now. If I remember correctly, and I may not, this ended up as number one over Christmas this year. I seem to remember the Farm on Top Of The Pops on Christmas Day.

N-Joi – Anthem : N-Joi I mentioned previously in the context of the Adrenaline EP, but this one features the vocals of Saffron, later to find more fame with Republica : Ready To Go, a staple of sports show highlight reels ever since.

Dimples D – Sucker DJ : pop rap sampling I Dream Of Jeannie. As a general note, it seems that Hip House is dying off by this point to be replaced by slightly more serious techno and whatever Indie Dance was collectively known as.

808 State : Olympic, aka the theme from The Word, blazing a new trail of disgustingness, amateurishness, granny snogging, L7’s genitalia and live testicle eating. And not to mention Hufty.

The Pack featuring Nigel Benn – Stand & Fight : A rough knockoff of The Power, but oh dear.

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