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I feel awful. My wife is ill, my son is ill, my cat is ill and I’m only on my feet because I can’t be ill. On top of that, we’re supposed to be going back to North Kilttown for the best part of a week so that my wife can go and see Take That.

Might as well get on with the Deep Heat series in the hope my delirium eases the pain.

First up is Twenty 4 Seven : I Can’t Stand It, which is still kind of rubbish but was really quite popular inexplicably. I assume it was big in Torremolinos or somewhere just as English. One of the more depressing sights I saw there was while leaving in a taxi on Sunday morning to see the the folk that spent their entire night sitting in the town square drinking wine while pushing prams. I didn’t choose to go there, I was kind of press-ganged into it. Next, S’Express : Nothing To Lose, which I think dates from the Intercourse album and is a fine showpiece for the vocals of Sonique. Following, A Tribe Called Quest with what is likely to be the highlight of the album with the C.J. Mackintosh remix of Bonita Applebum, based on a sample of Carly Simon’s wonderful Why?

Bypassing some out of place 2 Live Crew, we hit on the relatively new invention of indie dance or whatever it was collectively termed with the single mix of Primal Scream : Come Together, voice of the Mysterons sampling Shamen : Make It Mine and The Farm : Groovy Train followed by a Technotronic alias chaser with Hi Tek 3 : Spin That Wheel. The remainder of this side is mostly crap with the only tracks of note being a beany cap wearing Mr Fingers jazz freakout The It : Rainforest Serenade, The Moody Boys remix of The KLF : What Time Is Love? and an old favourite from Warp Records in the form of Tricky Disco.

Changing the disc as I exorcise lumps of pure green from my nostril, the only thing worth noting is probably FAB featuring MC Number 6 : The Prisoner.

Anyway, enough of that. I promised to post some stuff by (the) Beloved, so here you go:

It’s Alright Now(Back To Basics)

Hello(Honky Tonk)

The Sun Rising(Mark’s Deep House remix)

The Beloved on ebay

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