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To be read in the best Saturday afternoon teleprinter football scores voice while waiting for it to be 5:15 and time for Tom and Jerry. Which will mean little to those unfamiliar with Frank Bough and his life as a sports commentator on Grandstand before Breakfast AM and his later to be revealed sexual debauchery.


And yes, I know that’s a picture of Dickie Davies, but look at how stylish this man is in his seventies garb compared to Frank Bough’s perennial jumpers and stockings.

Anyway, on to the music. Warehouse Raves 3 is somewhat of an improvement on the mixed bag that made up the content of number 2, but I’m only going to mention a couple of tracks specifically as otherwise I’ll be procrastinating about the rest of these series for the remainder of the year. That said, it also has one of the most terrible crimes committed to vinyl in Candy Flip : Strawberry Fields Forever. I’m sure this made a significant dent on the charts at the time, but I’d be surprised if anyone would admit to ever owning it these days.

The standout tracks on this set are Force Legato : System (which I posted a couple of weeks ago), Rhythm Device : Acid Rock & Off – Electrica Salsa which features the vocals of a young Sven Vath, and I’m sure I’ve posted these tracks before but I can’t seem to find any record of them right now.

As to the rest, full track lists are available at discogs for Warehouse Raves 3 and also for the following Deep Heat 6.

Deep Heat has a number of people who don’t have full surnames and were presumably signing on at the time of these releases. The DJ Svenless MC Miker G : Show Em The Bass, Anna G with Gding Gding, The Adventures of Stevie V : Dirty Cash and Exclusive T with something I don’t remember.

Tracks that are perhaps more notable on here are Westbam : Hold Me Back, Baldy Lucozade icon Adamski : NRG, Lil Louis : Blackout(which for some reason is the Phase 2 remix), Baby Ford : Wigan(which was an album cut and an odd choice for a compilation), Izit : Stories(sampled by Bentley Rhythm Ace’s fab Gutbuster) and A Man Called Adam : Amoeba. The rest is best represented by the Brits 1990 megamix which if my memory serves me correctly appeared as part of the pre-recorded Brit awards of 1990 which was trying it’s best to shake off the shambolic nature of the previous years presentation by Mick Fleetwood & Sam Fox.

There was a Lucozade promotion at the time of the Adamski album where you could get a T-shirt with N-R-G emblazoned on an image of the iconic lucozade bottle in a similar matter to the Adamski sleeve.


I was particularly fond of Lucozade Lite* and duly saved up my labels for the T-shirt. The first day it was washed it was subsequently stolen from my mother’s washing line by a presumably lost raver.

aren’t you going to read out the nominations first?

* I can’t actually find any proof that it existed other than a few bylines in a CV, it was in a green glass bottle and had a lime flavour and quenched many of my thirsts when returning home at 4 in the morning. I miss you Lucozade Lite, we had great times together.

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